Adding random rolls back was a mistake (Destiny)

by Pyromancy @, Thursday, June 11, 2020, 00:19 (417 days ago) @ squidnh3

Bungie should have had enough faith in their design to ignore the community on that one. It's only caused more and more problems

What if returning random rolls was strictly an internal decision, "backed" by particular parts of the community but championed by certain employees?
I feel like this was probably a fairly divisive issue internally at that time? I think there were maybe some articles or Tweets that can halfway back up the internal struggle, but I can't point to any specifically.

Except that the weapons ostensibly most responsible for the Sunsetting philosophy (Mountaintop, Recluse, Revoker) are static rolls. Even in the static rolls environment there was clear weapon "overuse" - Uriel's Gift anyone?

Again, I think that putting these pinnacle type guns in game, particularly in their Over Powered state within the Sandbox was an internal decision made by employees who are responsible for managing the ever-changing game world?
Who decided it? Why was it decided? What did they think would happen with these weapons in the Live environment? These guns didn't just magically appear in the game overnight.
IF, these weapons are the most responsible for the Sunsetting philosophy, why does it then sort of feel as if we as players are in a way being "punished" with Sunsetting since these weapons existence stem from intentionally made internal decisions or seemingly off the cuff changes in design philosophy?

Aren't Pinnacle weapons even sort of joked about/commentary between Saint-14 / Shaxx during the end of the Devil's Ruin quest if you hang around and listen?

Saint-14: Shaxx? The Crucible? What have you done with it?
Shaxx: Its not the Crucible by which You and I were forged.
Took Years, but Twilight Gap changed everything. After that day out there the Crucible went from a place where we settled our differences, to a place where we bettered ourselves.

S - 14: I heard you give out some Amazing weapons to your fighters.
Shaxx: Those weapons are earned with blood, sweat, and tears.
S - 14: Are you sure your fighters are bettering themselves, or chasing hardware?
Shaxx: Listen, even Guardians need to get paid ever once and a while.
S - 14: *Heuughh*, When you put it that way you sound like that sad lonely Rat man who lives downstairs
Shaxx: The Drifter? Keep your enemies close right? Watch him for us
S - 14: I was shocked to see Eris Morn again, She is not as she was.
Shaxx: She represents the best of us, Ghostless, and stronger than you and me both
S - 14: Perhaps we could get her a bigger gun? She would not have to carry that rock all the time.

Speaking of guns, ah, tell me more about these weapons you’ve crafted, I’m not allowed to earn them.
I have heard you made one for Young Redrix, ah, Redrix’s Claymore?
Shaxx: Broadsword.
S - 14: Whatever. There was a Handcannon as well? You made one for Josef, ah, Luna’s Howl?
Shaxx: Yes, Luna was his dog. She passed on the moon fighting Hive.
S - 14: Those bastards. I’m glad you killed their king
Shaxx: Are these questions leading anywhere Saint?
S - 14: Yes! The long rifle you designed, The Revoker, whats the story behind it? What does it do?
Shaxx: It shoots bullets, Saint, Its a gun ”

I mean, doesn’t this dialogue sort of parallel our Crucible and “chasing hardware”?
Can we trace back to a Root Cause of any kind? And no, it was not Shaxx.

I know, it is never that simple, nor cut-and-dried. Development as you go, over time, is messy. And there may not be direct cause->effect with these. But why does it seem like in some ways the onus for Sunsetting is passed back to us?

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