Updated Solstice Event "Bonfire Bash" Thoughts (Criticism)

by cheapLEY @, Friday, July 22, 2022, 05:05 (580 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

All of what Claude said stands for me as well.

Admittedly, I took three months off from Destiny, and now that I’m playing again, I just remember how much I like the game. And especially how much I like the parts of the game that aren’t “current,” so having an event challenge tell me to do those old things I haven’t done in ages is a fun twist on how Destiny is normally played.

The difference between these challenges and the IB ones is restrictions. The IB challenges dictate how I played. It restricted my subclass choice. For a game about playing how I want and building my own monster killing machine or whatever dumb marketing bullshit they’re using now, they sure are pretty intent on not letting me actually do that. These event challenges just let me play the damn game.

I can’t speak to whatever modifiers from the past you’re taking about. I only ever did the first EAZ event. I’ve skipped the last couple of Solstices. But no, it doesn’t sound like something I’d have like. I hate Mayhem, for instance. Having constant supers is not a fun way to play Destiny to me. That’s why I wish there was a more difficult version of the EAZ. The game is so brain dead easy already, making it even more so with constant supers isn’t fun. If I could flip a switch and turn literally every activity in the game to something equivalent to the Legendary campaign, I would. No question.

I would dearly love a more comprehensive event that truly changes the way I play Destiny, something that twists the whole game in some fun way. However, I’m fine with the current event. I’m not a Triumph chaser, not even a little. I don’t even look at them anymore—I just don’t care. These event challenges aren’t the same thing, though. For one, I need to do them to full upgrade a full set of armor. And, as I said, I liked going and doing Blind Well again. I liked it enough that I kept running it after the challenge was done. I’m looking forward to going and doing Altars of Sorrow for a challenge.

EAZ is neither here nor there for me. I never articulately enjoyed it. Chasing shit down and having to climb and look through the buildings was always tedious and never fun for me. I like that the current iteration doesn’t ask that of me. I can just shoot shit and be done. I’d love if it was more challenging and actually engaging, but I’ll take this over having to run all over the map for no real reason.

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