Long Ramble : Response (Criticism)

by cheapLEY @, Monday, July 25, 2022, 10:26 (726 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

I think I've figured out the key to enjoying it all, and it's just to slow the fuck down and only do the stuff that's actively enjoyable.

Truly, oh Sage, you are a zen master of great and powerful wisdom. ;D

Heh, I did worry I was going to come off a bit like that. Who the fuck am I to say shit like that when I’ve made more angry posts about this game than maybe the rest of you combined. I’ve certainly let a whole lot of bad or underdeveloped or even just mediocre stuff in Destiny irritate me more than any video game ever should.

Mostly, I’ve just given up. Destiny is the game that is. I wish it were better in many ways, it has so much untapped potential. But to reach that potential (for me), it would have to change on a fundamental level, and that’s clearly never going to happen. So now, instead of shouting into the void (unless you count Xbox party chat as the void), I’m just here for the ride. When the ride is fun, I’ll be all in. If the ride sucks, I’ll skip it until the next one comes around. I’m trying to be done with being so invested in it, although I’m smart enough to know I’ll never stop playing entirely, nor am I even at the point where I want to do that anymore. Destiny’s highs are among the tallest, and it’s lows aren’t all that low in the grand scheme, and, at least, are mostly ignorable instead of game-breakingly bad.

And hey, at least it’s not Halo Infinite.

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