Long Ramble : Response (Criticism)

by INSANEdrive, ಥ_ಥ | f(ಠ‿↼)z | ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ| ¯\_(ツ)_/¯, Monday, July 25, 2022, 10:00 (666 days ago) @ cheapLEY

Sorry, this is long and rambling, and only mildly an actual response to points you've made. It's just a train of thought I went down. Excuse any spelling or grammar mistakes, as I'm far too fucking lazy to actually proofread all of that. Excuse any bad takes, as I'm just a goddamn idiot.

Why would you be sorry? This was lovely. Do you have any idea how happy I am that I not only got a response, but one that is a well-enough (;D) worded ramble? Most posts are hardly this juicy. That said though, YOU WATCH YOURSELF BUCKO! There's only enough room in this forum for one guy and his ludicrously large rambling something something what was I talking about? :P lol

"It's just a train of thought I went down" is part of the fun if you're healthy about it! And in summary to what I read here, I by and large, uh, *nod* at what you say, but it's as if the frequency is different. Its quite interesting, and I'm not sure how else to put it. Some of the things you say, I'd say too, but in how I'd say it, I suppose. Like for me, instead of the original "I like it", which now has the context of

I don't think this event is fantastic by any means. When I said that I liked it, I did mean it, but that's within the context of just enjoying playing the game.

I'd say "it's about par, maybe a little less", even though me me says its WAY UNDER PAR. Little things. Stuff like that, I suppose. And from one idiot to another, you're too hard on yourself.

Now lets get to the meat and potatoes.

As for the chase not being the game, I think you're wrong. That's not to say that I personally disagree with you, but the community has spoken in that regard. Every time I bring up Power Level and chasing bullshit on the subreddit, I get downvoted to shit. I genuinely think the majority of people playing Destiny do see the chase as the game, or as the most important thing in the game. Lots of people do play this game just to see the numbers go up or to grind out the exact perfect roll on every weapon they'll shove in their vault and never use and bitch about vault space until the end of time.

The community is crazy. I would know, I'm three of them. And at this point, the larger Destiny Community in its blind calls may have broken just about as much stuff about Destiny as Bungie has, more or less. Both in and out of the game. Be it the Trash of Twitter doing what they do best outside the game, or the thus far still stagnating "Collections" System which I in-part rambled about in my Mad Opus upon Organization & Management Capacity in this blasted game, the community is crazy.

I would know, I'm four of them.

Admittedly, my apparent rebuttal about the community, and it's dire madness, is also quite easy to say. Rather lazy too, in fact. Very assumptive, but something we can all agree with somehow in someway.

...well, good thing it's all moot. That's right, In actuality I'm saying that disagreeing out of consideration of the community is crap. Total horse. The community are not the arbiters of quality, even if some of them in their fandom hearts (HIIII BUNGIE!) want to, be it directly or indirectly. At most, the community is the conscience of quality. I mean, we sure do NAG enough.

The difference is the capacity for collective professionalism, access to all the data, and the perks of knowing what you're working on for things 6 or 9 months down the line. (Nice.) Big picture stuff. Apparently the folks at Bungie even play their game, though as I've made clear time and time again, it is at times QUITE DIFFICULT to reconcile such.

Yes, the community has its takes... many MANY takes, and occasionally are right about it. Sometimes even so collectively! But I think it would be naive to think, especially now, that the community holds all the cards. So yeah, with some folks, "number go up = neutron activation" is the fun. But it does not, I'll add intrinsically, make the chase the game. Unless a person finds some deep satisfaction in the slot machine, and I hope they can find help if so, its frankly more often than not a cheap thrill. No one, sans special conditions or a story behind it, is going to call "SO AND SO DROPPED FOR ME" a memory.

But, solving a problem, figuring out the right kit, doing what you can to survive and be effective in a solo lost sector, or as a team in a dungeon or raid, that's where memories are made. That's where the game play lives. And that's where we can see the emphasis has increasingly been put upon, otherwise there would be no solo lost sector NOR dungeons. If it was only about the chase, this game would have gone hardcore "cellphone" long ago.

(Oh, and it's why by and large, I have so much stuff in my vault! ;D)


I think I've figured out the key to enjoying it all, and it's just to slow the fuck down and only do the stuff that's actively enjoyable.

Truly, oh Sage, you are a zen master of great and powerful wisdom. ;D

Indeed, oh wise one, I hope to see this emblazoned on a wall, much like you see with that "Live, Laugh, Love" crap. In fact, maybe I can do one better...

[image] [image]
Nailed it! lol.

The Hand Cannon is cool, but is it really better than any other 120 hand cannon you have sitting in your overstuffed Vault?


Depending if I get the right the roll, I might replace the Vulpecula Headstone roll I have (also doubled up perk wise with Shoot to Loot & Harmony), but have been hesitant to get rid of as the doubled perks give me more options as I'm making builds. This roll is also very closely matched up to a Eyasluna I have, sans the doubled perks. If I can get a Wellspring & Headstone with some combination of Smallbore, Flared Magwell, & a Reload Masterwork, I'd be able to give myself a new option to play with, while also removing a mild redundancy. (The default reload speed on "Something New" is way too casual for my liking, and this way would at least match the speed of the Vulpecula roll I have.)

As for the shotgun "Compass Rose", I already got a PvP "God Roll" last year;

Full Choke, Assault Mag, Quick Draw, Snapshot. Reload Masterwork. It's a very snappy roll.

Hoping to get a PvE Roll of;

Rifled Barrel, Assault Mag (or Accurized Rounds), Lead from Gold (or Fragile Focus), Incandescent. Range Masterwork.

If I can get that, or something close to it, I then can do something else (still not sure yet) on "Without Remorse" (and remove from my vault the roll of it with Incandescent). I'm always trying to tune up and improve what the options are which I have to play with. One of these days I really should share a whole bunch of the Builds I've made. Now, if only Bungie would let me retroactively compress my PvE & PvP rolls into one gun, I could greatly reduce the dupes I'm holding for varied purposes.

There's a difference between seeing the dogshit and wanting it to be better and letting it make you angry.

Not angry. Rarely am I actually angry. Bemused? Frustrated? Flabbergasted? Surprised? Dumbfounded? Or even some combination of such, sure. But not angry.

I have a hard time talking about so much and making it make sense as a cohesive point, but I hope I've at least gestured towards something approaching one.

You did good.

In short, Destiny becomes more fun the less of a shit you give about the specifics. I used to feel like that's giving up, like it's just accepting a lower bar of quality.

You can do both. If it's shit, you can call it out, all while not actually giving a shit. Of course, it also matters in HOW and in what manner that calling out is done, but ultimately I think you can enjoy the ride, as long as you're sure nothing it getting hurt. But if you see something wrong, well man, call it out.

I say all this with the caveat that my attitude towards Destiny is a switch that flips seemingly at random. Some stuff just feels totally fine one day and like total horseshit the next with no real explanation. The other night, I told Korny it was neat that core playlists weapons drop with more perks in each column as you reset your ranks. He laughed and told me I bitched about that exact thing months ago in response to a TWAB in post here. I'm sure he's right.

Yep. You do seem to have your moods.

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