Long Ramble: (Criticism)

by Claude Errera @, Sunday, July 24, 2022, 10:02 (728 days ago) @ Cody Miller

Wouldn't it be cool… if there was a game that was nothing but dungeons and raids? One you put down after you've conquered the challenges of them? One where you could just play them without having to get to a certain power level? :-p

I gotta say... a good part of the fun of dungeons and raids are the people you're playing with. Our wednesday night group has played together (with a few substitutions) since D1, and that's really frickin' cool. Sometimes people leave (for real-life reasons), and then come back a while later... if we were playing games that you played until you were done and then moved on, they might never come back - in fact, I doubt the group would stay together if we had to keep picking new games to play every month or two.

You play games your way. I play them mine. I'm totally okay with that, but you usually don't seem to be. I don't get that.

(And the power level thing is way less important than it used to be, so it's hardly worth arguing about.)

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