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by cheapLEY @, Friday, July 22, 2022, 18:21 (585 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

Speed once told me my sentiment towards Destiny depended on whether I was actually currently playing it or not. That’s definitely true (though less so than it used to be, I think). It’s easy to peer in from the outside and think “wow, that seems like dogshit, who made that decision?” It’s easy to think that while in the thick of actually playing, too, because seriously, who makes some of the wild decisions over there? But it’s easier to forgive what probably is a mediocre event (or whatever other criticism) when I’m just having fun playing the game.

I wish the entire game was a little less tedious, but after years and years, I’ve finally reached a point where it doesn’t affect me like it used to. I still chase things, but I no longer let the chase be the thing I’m doing. I used to let the stuff I wanted dictate my play time at the cost of fun. Hunting down those stupid things on Mars to finish the Wayfarer title was maybe the least fun thing I’ve ever done in Destiny, but I wanted the title and it was getting retired, so I felt obligated to do it. There’s no way in hell I’d do that today. I truly don’t pay attention to Triumphs anymore. I claim them so the menu quits blinking at me, but if it didn’t, I probably wouldn’t even do that.

I wanted a DFA last week, so I ran a bunch of GM Nightfalls. If I hadn’t been having a bunch of fun running those Nightfalls, I wouldn’t have done that, though. I like the DFA, but I wouldn’t have wanted one bad enough to grind through some shit I didn’t enjoy to get one.

I look at this event the same way. Rerolling armor is cool, and it’s something I hope they continue to explore. I already have tons of great Artifice armor, though, and it’s so easy to get in the new Dungeon, so the current event armor isn’t a draw for me. I certainly don’t think it looks good, so that’s not a seller either. I might upgrade a full set if I do enough of those challenges to get the Kindling. I’m having enough fun that it’s pretty likely, but if I stop having fun, I’ll just stop doing it.

The problem I see lots of folks having with the event is the misguided notion that they have to do it. I see folks complaining about having to do it in every character to get a set. That’s the problem—so many people seemingly feel obligated to do everything, to get everything. The game becomes much more enjoyable if you can shed that mindset. Instead of looking at everything as an obligation, I’ve tried to approach everything as an option. This event is a neat diversion for me, but for others it’s a guaranteed way to get some decent high stat armor. I don’t need that armor at all, so it’s not a driver for me. It’s just another option I can engage with if I want, ignore if I don’t. With the exception of the power grind (which I will always call out as horseshit), the entire game is that for me, and it’s so much better for it.

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