Guys...It's a Sparrow (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Saturday, August 03, 2019, 21:33 (421 days ago) @ Beorn

I get it, really, I do.

The raid situation sucks. The Last Wish was the last one I did blind. I skipped out on Scourge of the Past and Crown of Sorrow, after starting doing Blind Runs for King's Fall. It stings, and the power level aspect of Destiny should be ripped out. It's an awful system with no redeeming qualities.

I would be happy to see them increase the grind for things like this sparrow if it means making the rest of the actual good content on more even footing for everyone. I don't see that happening, unfortunately.

They seem to have a really difficult time finding a good balance. It's like they just pull the numbers for these quests out of nowhere. I really don't understand how they come up with them. Some of the exotic quests are truly fun. I finished the Malfeasance quest a few weeks ago, and I think it was a great quest (after it got tuned, admittedly). It made you put in some effort, but it was some super difficult or long process. The recent Thorn quest was good. Truth is a little grindy in it's 3 Nightfall and 60 Rocket Launcher kills requirement. I just don't see what purpose that serves. We all know how to shoot Rocket Launchers already.

I'd love to see them make some more divergent quests, steps where you can choose how to make progress instead of being pushed into very specific activities to do very specific things, things that often ruin the experience for matchmade teammates because the quest step all but requires you to ignore the actual goal of whatever activity you're in. I'm guilty of it, too. I needed to get elemental orbs from EAZ. I ran a few, and I quit the second I was done, in the middle of a run. I didn't (and don't) feel even a little bit bad about it, because Bungie's quest design is so bad that it's hard to give a shit when literally everyone else is just doing whatever the hell they want instead of trying to complete any actual objectives.

I would say that I'm not sure they're all that interested in finding a good balance--they know that, for the most part, the people playing Destiny still are all in on it, and most of the community seemingly wants this sort of stuff. But New Light and the free players means that they obviously still want to be bringing players in. I don't know that this is the sort of stuff new players are likely to be looking for. What the hell do I know, though?

It's a real shame, though. This game is really fun when it gets the hell out of its own way and just lets people play.

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