In general, you're right... but there's a but. (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Sunday, August 04, 2019, 09:01 (420 days ago) @ squidnh3

Yep, it's just a sparrow. And (unlike last year) they've made it so that the armor that you earn doesn't instantly become useless the day after the event ends - that's nice.

But there's a disconnect between how the event is being presented and how it FEELS. And that disconnect is new.

When you start, you visit Eva, and she tells you that she wants you to celebrate all that you've done for humanity since the Red War. She talks about meditating on your triumphs, and reliving your glory - and then she sends you off to do a huge number of mind-numb ing activities.

This doesn't feel like a celebration - this feels like a 10th grade end-of-term exam.

In contrast, last year, the bulk of the 'meditation' was reliving old missions, updated to be harder and more complicated than the originals. (I found myself running 1AU for something a little while ago, and I was disappointed by the lack of enemies and the ending fight... and I realized I missed the Heroic version we played during last year's Solstice.) I don't think I'm annoyed that it takes more time to earn this year's armor than last - I think I'm annoyed that it's time spent considerably less enjoyably than last year.

And I'm REALLY annoyed that there are activites that are straight-up broken - the one that started this thread is a good example. My experience (of joining in progress to runs that have already been stripped of the necessary content) is apparently quite common - there are many people on reddit echoing it. (One guy has run 13 EAZ missions, and hasn't seen a miniboss section yet. That's the most extreme example I found.)

I guess that's my real problem - this doesn't feel like a celebration, it feels like a chore.

(For what it's worth, it's a chore I'm gonna skip. I got the armor on my Warlock, but that's the last armor I'm gonna get. And on one level, that actually makes me sad.)

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