The Live Game Hamster Dance (Destiny)

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(Note: This one starts out pretty good... and then dissolves into a rant. Just FYI.)

"The Live Game"

Bungie has to keep the pot from getting stale, much as the problem was in Destiny 1, and we? I don't know. I DON'T KNOW! ... Play the game? I honestly have to question at this point if they know what play means. ...or... I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.


They aren't FEELING the community, they are just... doing their job, and in doing so, it feels TO ME like they aren't doing their job. Does that make sense? Does the apathy even register? Again... THIS IS A LIVE GAME!

We don't have the full picture of what this looks like, and it seems like, as happy as I am that we are told this stuff in advance, this piece meal approach it seems to me, admittedly suddenly, like it's causing more problems then it solves right now. We are FORCED right now to react to a COG in the LIVE GAME machine. And we can't, shouldn't go back to "silence" as that was bad too! Dam'd do, dam'd don't!

Recently, the internet become awash in fervor thanks to the first look at new tech in the upcoming Unreal Engine 5. I talked about it abit, to help those of us who are purely spectators in all of this understand how big of a deal all this tech being pitched was. It's because of this being still so fresh in my mind that I find myself with these current considerations. In the Demo, there is Tech for Super-High-Resolution Mesh detail, as well as Tech for Realtime Global Illumination. Just ONE of these ALONE is HUGEEE (as I mention) for how the future of REAL TIME VIRTUALIZATION (note... I did not say games alone). But TOGETHER!?! Force Multiplier! And I find myself bringing such considerations here to this TWAB post now and possibly future ones to come.

The question I find myself asking is... the unknown. On on hand, WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO DO WITH THAT! THE UNKNOWN!?! Seriously!?! And on the other... drip drip drip... we keep getting... one. puzzle. piece... a week. And while I can't say it refutes the very extremely well earned criticism being given in response to the TWABs content, but well... I'm the Warlock right?

I wonder. I can't help but wonder.

It's all aiming to something right? A something that frankly we should broadly already know due to Lukes "Director's Cut" Posts (1-1 1-2 1-3 & 2-2020). And yet... it feels like a bandage being pulled, scab and all... SLOOWWWLY.

Instead of giving a puzzle piece a week, I think it would be plausibly better if they just gave the structure, the forth coming blueprints, all at once. But then, if they do that... much like Destiny 1, they will have little else to show, right? It's not so much a weekly "conversation" as a... momentary blurb. A reaction to a set of clouds in the distance, and so much more unknown. A conversation given through cups and phone tag. It's... a shame. And it only gets compounded from here.

The live game. All these words, and I still haven't yammered about that yet! Let's fix that now. The live game, is... and isn't. So much of these choices that Bungie has to make... are untenable. It's like they are trying to guess the market, but instead of making bets and estimations on funny money, its efforts are for fans from a funny farm (and INSANEdrive). So by the time they get to here in the now, they can't respond to the market, to us, anywhere NEAR as much as I would guess they would like to. And they are drowning... full stop. After all this time, the game isn't built to be live, is is just to look that way. Just enough. THAT'S WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE TO ME! Yes, true, they can change things here and there, but... they are more a slave then we are, and I don't understand how we are in Year >5 and that doesn't seem to completely utterly horrify them. It seems that they don't plan for failure, and then they fail just about every time. They are just drumming along. "Doing their jobs", doing all they can muster in a fever to keep the pot from getting stale.




... Right ...

"Hamster Dance"

Bungie has to keep the pot from getting stale, much as the problem was in Destiny 1, and we? I don't know. I DON'T KNOW! ... Play the game? I honestly have to question at this point if they know what play means. ...or... I don't know. I don't know. I don't know.

So, what does this mean for us? Well, it means we get stuck with our own drumroll. Our own hamster dance.

Why Hamster dance? Because, as classic as it is, it's outdated. We're stuck in a wheel, where it seems like I've seen it all before. The Major Successes. The OK it's good. The Failures. The Failures again. The MAJOR Failures again. The Successes return again. The Highs and Lows. The Pattern in content quality. There are a dozen ways I can metaphor this. I mean... shit! It's defiantly been a real dance, being a Modern Bungie fan.

Ultimately, all of this rabble and effort and emotion and words and ... shit!... it's all about the game play loop. About this game that SHOULD BE (ALWAYS SHOULD BE) so good, but never NEVER EVER can seem to get out of its own dam way! It wins the lotto every time, but it's always two numbers short! SUCK ON THAT RNG, but at this point, it doesn't even feel random. It feels incompetent. And I'm TIRED of it. I'm TIRED of it! I'm so... so ... DONE with this shit. And it CRUSHES my fandom heart. We need to break the wheel without getting dumb and dumber, and with what - keep in mind everything I've said before - I'VE SEEN, it's just too STUPID!

Once we have Sunsetting Kit, WHAT IS THE LOOP ANYMORE!? THERE IS LITTLE TO NO REASON now TO INVEST TIME INTO YOUR KIT! In finding a roll, be it weapon or armor, that complements your style of play! WHY BOTHER INVESTING time into the expanse in MASTERWORKING kit, or polishing your skill with time invested loadouts, when the game even fights ya to do that! #VaultSpace #RatKingRatNest

While yes, it only technically effects endgame stuff... as a long time Destiny player (#D1BetaTester) who trends towards PVE more then PVP, THAT'S MA SHIT! I play stuff where LIGHT matters! Unless Bungie has something hidden in their sleeve, a puzzle piece if you will, involving...say, Patrols or something, LIGHT MATTERS! And all that build up...it's all going to go POOF anyway. And I know, I've had this discussion with some folks already. So let me just fill in so perspective here...


...I don't play this game to chase shit endlessly, like a hamster. Perhaps it's the RPG guy in me, but I want to get the nice kit, and then have the game change from gathering to building. Bungie is afraid of Power creep? Not sure why, not everything has to get a bump in damage. Anarchy, 1000 Voices, The Scientific Method. It's not JUST ABOUT DAMAGE! It's about FUN NEW WAYS to DELIVER that damage, or... to just.... get this now... PLAY!!!! AND after all, Bungie said themselves... they can't keep adding forever, so whats going to give?

I, myself, would much rather they stopped adding legendary guns and gave us - oh I don't know - ACTUAL CONTENT TO PLAY IN!!!! MORE STRIKES! MORE PVP MAPS! MORE THEN "ONE RAID" A YEAR!? If that's even possible. I don't play this game JUST for loot. There is a PURPOSE in the loot. THe loot is the force multiplier, not the GAME its self! And it feels like Bungie has lost sight of what Content really is.

And hey, if we're going to do this "Sunsetting" AKA Weapon Pool Restrictions, can we just get rid of RNG rolls? At least then Collections might be useful then. Ya know that thing that's been there for over two year that mostly irrelevant! Yeah.

/rant over


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