Right on the Money w/ Addendom (Destiny)

by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Saturday, May 16, 2020, 23:45 (336 days ago) @ Cody Miller

TTK saved the story and loot chasing mechanics.

TTK ruined the sandbox balance. It was perfect in Y1 HoW.

House of Wolves was CLOSE. But man, do you not remember the utter dominance of the exotic hand canons? If they had been toned down JUST A LITTLE BIT, it would have been perfect.

I remember the (un)Holy Trinity of Thorn, Last Word, and Hawkmoon absolutely devastating everything else... until Trials rolled in, and I got The Messenger :)

Thing is, as dominant as those hand cannons were, they kept special weapons in check. Taken King was where Bungie really leaned into the idea that primary weapons all needed to have super specific engagement distances, which basically turned them all into less effective special weapons. So Scout Rifles were only useful at sniper ranges, but they lost to sniper rifles. ARs were only good at Fusion Rifle ranges, but lost to fusion rifles, etc. And that’s how Destiny Crucible has played ever since, with a few temporary exceptions. D2 crucible was it’s own unique can on worms when it launched, but by the time the weapon slot changes were implemented, special weapons began to dominate again. A few months later, Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten came along, and we were kinda back to the D1Y1 days where these couple of hand cannons were dominating all other primaries, but at least they were also keeping special weapons in check. And once again, Bungie’s near-religious fear of “power creep” lead them to nerf 2 of the only truly effective primary weapons in the game, rather than bringing other primaries up to their level. And whadayouknow, we’re back into a crucible sandbox utterly dominated by special weapons. This season, the auto rifle buff has actually brought them up to a good level, and once again I was enjoying a sandbox where I could get the majority of my kills with my primary weapon. But it won’t last. Bungie will nerf auto rifles into the ground in the next update, and we’ll be back to snipers and shotguns running rampant. And so the cycle goes. Bungie just doesn’t seem to recognize that more often than not, these “outlier”, “overpowered” primary weapons are actually the few primaries sitting in a good spot, or very close to it.

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