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What are you thinking Hirewire?

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Title: Six Days in Fallujah ‘not trying to make a political commentary,’ creator says.

We're not trying to make water wet. We're not trying to make the sky so high. We're not trying to make the war videogame a political commentary.


All war is political commentary. In all the histories... in every battle I can think of, and perhaps of the battles I have yet to know of, to even hear of... war is political commentary. So if you are to make a game based on war, it doesn't matter it's a real historical moment or a reimagining of a real outcome, it will have some sort of political commentary. That is the nature of this beast regardless of the war tale you tell. So, to try and claim that it's even possable to not have some political commentary in your war game "if you don't try to" is already folly, but to do so on a battle that is still so fresh... you IDIOTS. That battlefield is still breathing of its stories... right now. Freek'n good luck, good-ness. Highwire games indeed.

Of that article, there may be more, but with as title like that... nah. I'm not reading that.

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