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by Claude Errera @, Tuesday, February 16, 2021, 13:39 (85 days ago) @ EffortlessFury

I’d like to believe that, but they seem totally okay with erasing war crimes because they’re “distractions,” so who knows.

Yeah... I don't think I'd take that interview as the last word on how each of the Highwire employees think. It was Peter Tamte, who doesn't even work for Highwire, and even HIS words are pretty fucking far from "George Floyd needed to die".

I would actually challenge you to find ANYONE who thinks he NEEDED to die. The reason I stepped in is because the wording had gotten a little too hyperbolic for my taste; it's one thing to play fast and loose with generalizations about what a particular tweak means about a game developer's views on PvP, and another thing to accuse people of WANTING INNOCENT PEOPLE DEAD. I'd really like it if we could try to keep in mind that we're talking about real people, not just ideas.

Here's the thing, though. George Floyd is dead because someone, a human being, killed him. Therefore, at least one person thought he needed to die, or at least didn't think it mattered whether he did or didn't. I've seen questionable commentary regarding last summer from at least one Highwire employee. Yes, the language is a bit hyperbolic, but it's too damn close for comfort at the moment.

Again: there's a HUGE FUCKING GAP between "George Floyd needed to die" and "I don't give a shit if George Floyd died." And a HUGER fucking gap between either of those and "my political opinion is right of 'defund the police'."

You can be uncomfortable with what you see them commenting on, but 1) that doesn't apply HERE, where there is actually a ban on political discussion, enforced or not, and 2) you're objectively wrong in saying that opinions you disagree with are morally equivalent to calling for the death of a specific person.

I'm not really debating this with you, David. I'm telling you it's time to step back a little bit. Please - take this advice.

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