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by EffortlessFury @, Monday, February 22, 2021, 22:42 (116 days ago) @ ZackDark

Agreed. "Art/Everything is Political" doesn't refer to "trying to influence your perception of political parties/politicians/voting behaviors/government/etc. It is referring to the stances/perceptions/believes/notions that are being put forward. As government is driven by the beliefs of the people (the citizenry, the powerful, etc.), the politics of governance is driven by the individual politics (beliefs) of the person.

When creating art you are putting out something that will inherently reflect your perception. Those who receive that art will be shaped, in some way, by that art.

Highwire choosing to ignore the politics of the situation can either mean:

A. They're not going to pay attention to the matter and all and are therefore not being mindful of the way their art could be received by and shape others. Irresponsible, IMO. No, you can't predict how everyone will respond but you could at least put forward a best effort, especially when folks are actively pointing out that there are glaring issues that are being ignored.

B. They're going to pay active attention in trying to shape a politically-devoid narrative. This isn't physically possible. They'll be shaping what they believe to be a politically-devoid narrative, which is just a product of their own perception of what "politics" even means, which is in itself political.

What makes this whole thing a clusterfuck is that the troops on the ground, regardless of their personal feelings, were the villains of the stories of the countless innocents that died. What they did there is widely agreed to be an atrocity. The US committed war crimes. Even if you were to tell the story of the best people on the ground in that battle, who did the least awful things of our soldiers, who tried their best to do the right thing...is that story the right story to tell about this specific event? What does it say when a developer decides that telling the story of the "best of the bad guys" is more important or more worth telling than the stories of the victims of the event? There's nothing wrong with telling the stories of good people in bad situations or even the stories of villains as the protagonists...but should we be telling the story of a real life event, in this way, from this perspective?

Just because you can doesn't mean you should.

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