A dumber explanation (Gaming)

by Cody Miller @, Music of the Spheres - Never Forgot, Saturday, March 06, 2021, 13:21 (60 days ago) @ Kermit
edited by Cody Miller, Saturday, March 06, 2021, 13:27

I wonder if the intent was something simply dumber.

Especially around and after Last of Us 2, there was a vocal outcry of "Keep politics out of games". What the folks who say this mean is that they don't want issues of social justice to be inserted into the games they want to play.

Perhaps all Tamte was trying to do is tell those people (who also happen to be the people that tend to enjoy military shooters, which is ironic since those are themselves highly political ), was "Don't worry, this game isn't going to be a dumb liberal anti war game".

I'll be charitable since I don't think he is dumb enough to think you can actually make a game about a super controversial battle in a super controversial war and not have that be political. I wonder if he was simply trying to assure players it wouldn't be political in the same way Call of Duty isn't political.

Which is to say, very political, but just in a way that won't offend your sensibilities.

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