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I would like to note, I do see the disconcerting flexibility in the wording of their announcements.

Q. Will Destiny 2: The Witch Queen include any platform exclusives? ​
No. The Witch Queen will not contain any platform exclusives. Every player should have an amazing Destiny experience, no matter where you choose to play ​

So, the others will? Eh. Not sure how all this will play out with cross play a thing. Whatever. I'm not going to waste more time speculating intent. Instead, here are some interesting reads...

In this one here is mostly the same announcement, short of one thing I'd not seen...

After the deal closes, Bungie will be "an independent subsidiary" of SIE run by a board of directors consisting of current CEO and chairman Pete Parsons and the rest of the studio's current management team.

So that's interesting. Then there is this "interview"(?) with Sony Interactive Entertainment head Jim Ryan and Pete Parsons.

It's not the most organic interview, all sorts of jargon and robot corp speak. It honesty reads more like a official joint statement to shareholders then any real human interview, but the declarences are there.

"The first thing to say unequivocally is that Bungie will stay an independent, multiplatform studio and publisher. Pete [Parsons, CEO] and I have spoken about many things over recent months, and this was one of the first, and actually easiest and most straightforward, conclusions we reached together. Everybody wants the extremely large Destiny 2 community, whatever platform they're on, to be able to continue to enjoy their Destiny 2 experiences. And that approach will apply to future Bungie releases. That is unequivocal.

Meanwhile on the Bungie side, Pete Parsons tells GamesIndustry.biz that Sony offers the ability to accelerate its own plans, which includes the prospect of taking its IP to new entertainment mediums, such as TV and film.

"Back in 2016, we set out a vision for ourselves to create worlds and inspire friendships. We wanted to become one of the world's great entertainment companies. And more than that, become a center of creative and technical excellence, so that no matter who you are, where you're from, how you identify, you can feel like you can come to Bungie and do your best work.

So there. That's some answers.

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