Unicorns (Gaming)

by cheapLEY @, Tuesday, May 30, 2023, 12:09 (322 days ago) @ Vortech

Precisely why I now want to play games that love you. That are thrilled you picked it and gave your money and time, and which seek to make every second you choose to spend with it as meaningful and engaging as possible. And that let you walk away and end the experience on a high note when you’ve explored it as much as you want.

You should definitely start Tears of the Kingdom.

No grinding for items and consumable resources in that game?

Not really, no. Not in the sense people typically mean when talking about live service games. The resource economy is an important aspect of balance in the game, but that’s sort of the entire point. It’s not about grinding bullshit currencies to upgrade something. Every resource has multiple uses from being used for upgrading gear, selling for rupees, cooking into power boosting elixirs or foods, or just fusing to weapons for upgrading that weapon’s attack power and durability. It’s not about grinding (doing the same thing over and over) in the way that Destiny or other live service games are, both in the basic gameplay sense or for asking you to complete battle passes.

Using a resource is Tears of the Kingdom is always a decision. Do I sell this diamond because I need a quick 500 rupees? Or do I save it to fuse it to a sword during a tough moment for the extra damage? Or save it even more because I need it as a material to upgrade a set of armor? At any given moment, you can only choose one of those things (unless you’ve saved a bunch, which is another decision). Over a full playthrough you’ll end up with enough of them to do all of that, but each individual moment is a specific decision for any of those options. The game doesn’t expect you to just spend hours doing nothing but finding diamonds (although you certainly could).

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