The DBO Challenge - Week 6: TV Shows in Paint

by ncsuDuncan @, Wednesday, May 08, 2013, 21:10 (4037 days ago)


Bip. Bap. Bam.

I must say, I'd hate to be on the wrong end of a DBO firing range. Here is a quick list of the creative tools of destruction that popped up in last week's thread:

The Electromagnetically Enhanced Blowgun (Cold)
The Hard Times Rifle (Ragashingo)
The Smell of Napalm (Xenos)
Et in Arcadia Ego (Malagate)
XR5B Breach Assault Unit - "M.O.A.G." (ManKitten)
ISYH-1423 - "Ish" (INSANEdrive)
The S-PUG (Dean Hofmeyer (unhh))
Southern Twang (bluerunner)
Revolver (Fab Four Stephen Laughlin)
Horn of Morpheus (Kermit)
Close to Know Return (MrPadraig08)
AU-12 Self-returning Ordnance Delivery System (Chewbaccawakka)
RPPG Launcher (ZackDark)
Blades of The Traveler (Ragashingo)
Repulsion Grenades (Mr Daax)

I think Ragashingo deserves a special shoutout for filling the thread with tale after tale of ordnance-heavy adventures. Don't miss out on these - read through the thread if you haven't already. Thanks, Ragashingo!

I've updated the DBO Challenge Leaderboard with the latest point totals. As always, please glance over your numbers to make sure I didn't miss anything.


Week 6 Challenge: Favorite TV shows in Paint.

Deadline: 6:00pm EDT on Tuesday, May 14th.

The Week 5 challenge brought forth a handful of creative weapon designers (and quite a few storytellers!) from within our ranks; this week, let's get to know our fellow DBO members even more with a slight variation of Week 2's challenge. Here are your instructions for Week 6:

1. Use MS Paint to draw a scene from one of your favorite TV shows. (If you don't have access to MS Paint, you can use any equivalent, simple art program.)
2. Post your masterpiece as a reply to this post. (Optional: Don't include the name of the show - let people guess!)
3. Pick someone else's entry and post a reply to it with an MS Paint drawing of a different scene from the same TV show. (Or better yet - a spin-off, if one exists!)

Available Points:
+1 participation point for posting one of your favorite television shows as an MS Paint drawing.
+1 bonus point for posting a drawing in response to somone else's entry.

You can each earn up to 2 points total this week. (Feel free to post as many drawings as you want, however.)

Remember, you don't have to be a talented artist to enter. I fully expect to see crudely drawn lines and cheesy stick figures - it's MS Paint, after all!

ATTENTION LURKERS: Don't be afraid to jump in! ANYONE can earn points and increase their chance of winning a free copy of Destiny. Check out the Week 1 thread for more details.

This week's entries must be posted (in this thread) by 6:00pm EDT on Tuesday, May 14th. I will then update the leaderboard and post a recap with the Week Se7en challenge. Have fun!

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