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Destiny 2 Update - 2/27/2018

The Patch Notes for Destiny 2 1.1.3 went live yesterday on (and here, as well) - if you haven't read through them, it's worth a look. This one's mostly about keeping track of the things you do (via emblems), but there are quite a number of changes and fixes that are unrelated to scoring. Take a look!

TAGS: patch, notes
Claude Errera | Feb 28, 2018 01:51 pm | link

Destiny 2 Update - 1/30/2018

Destiny Update 1.1.2 is now live, and the patch notes include all the changes in this one. It's a hefty list; in addition to the main event (the addition of Armor Masterworks), there are many, many little changes, solving problems that bugged you and problems you didn't even know about. Check out the full deal, either at or in our own Patch Note Archive!

TAGS: patch, notes
Claude Errera | Jan 30, 2018 11:12 am | link

Destiny Hotfix - 4/20/17

Last week, Bungie pushed out Destiny version, which fixed a number of problems that have cropped up recently. Read the full patch notes on, or in our Patch Notes Archive.

TAGS: patch, notes
Claude Errera | Apr 24, 2017 12:40 pm | link

Destiny Hotfix - 2/14/17

Hotfix!Whether you're going to enjoy the day in a Fireteam of two (hope you weren't looking forward to Crimson Doubles!), or you plan to hop onto Matchmaking while enjoying a lobster thermidor for one, you're going to have to download the latest hotfix for Destiny. Hotfix is all about tuning the sandbox and experimenting with a few unexpected changes. Say goodbye to special ammo hoarding and hello to low-RoF weapons! As always, a local copy will be available shortly.
And thanks, unoudid for the heads up!

TAGS: patch, notes
Korny | Feb 14, 2017 10:57 am | link

2.5.0: The One About The Dawning

Patch notes for Destiny 2.5.0, the update that brings us The Dawning, are live now (as is the patch, if you log into Destiny). Lots of changes, some big, some small - go read 'em! (There's a copy in our Patch Note Archive, if you'd rather.) As a reminder, that archive is searchable, if you're looking for something specific from the past.

TAGS: patch, notes
Claude Errera | Dec 13, 2016 11:09 am | link

Destiny Hotfix - 11/08/16

Before you get to enjoy the return of Iron Banner, you'll have to download the latest Hotfix, which brings a number of quality-of-life improvements, and fixes a pesky bug or two. Head on over to for more details, or check them out in the local Patch Notes Archive.

TAGS: patch, notes
Korny | Nov 9, 2016 07:36 am | link

Administrivia - catching up on updates

Being gone last week caused the oversight of another important Bungie release - Update 2.4.1, which paved the way for the Hard-mode raid, along with providing support for the Festival of the Lost. Patch notes are extensive; you can read them on Bungie's site, or you can read them in our Patch Notes Archive. Either way, they're worth going over - they contain a lot of useful info, including specific details on what light levels are supported by which activities. Check it out! UPDATE: DOH! Looks like being gone means forgetting to do my homework, too! It was pointed out that there was, indeed, a newspost covering this update - next time I promise I'll look more carefully! I'm leaving this post because it links to the local version, as well.

Claude Errera | Oct 24, 2016 03:27 pm | link

2.4.1 The One About Economy Changes


Before the Heroic-difficulty Wrath of the Machine drops, Bungie has released a hefty patch to address a few issues, circumvent sneaky Gjallar Horn dismantling, and provide a few quality of life changes (such as the much-needed improvement of Eris Morn's box of raisins). Give it a read, or keep an eye on the local patch notes for lighter reading.

TAGS: patch, notes
Korny | Oct 18, 2016 11:16 am | link

Destiny Hot Fix - 9/29/2016

hot_fix.pngBungie dropped a Hotfix this morning - mostly, it's small bugfixes in strikes and PvE activities (but if you're affected, most will make you happy). With perhaps one exception... if you hadn't taken your opportunity to farm Omnigul for a Grasp of Malok before now... sorry. That time has passed. Read all the details on - or here, in our Patch Notes Archive.

TAGS: patch, notes
Claude Errera | Sep 29, 2016 11:12 am | link

Getting Ready for Rise of Iron

Bungie's been busy - there is both an Update Preview, discussing the reasons behind some of the changes that are being made in preparation for Rise of Iron, and an actual Update, listing the specific changes, available on their site. (Local versions of both pages - the update preview and the full update - are also available in our Patch Notes Archive.) Go give 'em a read - there's sure to be stuff that makes you happy, and stuff that makes you sad. Thanks to bluerunner for starting a discussion thread in our forum.

TAGS: patch, notes
Claude Errera | Sep 8, 2016 12:40 pm | link

The Road is Paved

The latest Update notes are live on (and in our Patch Note Archive) - it's a few niggling problems they wanted to correct before Rise of Iron drops in a couple of months. It's also the last update (barring emergencies) for legacy consoles. Go give it a read! Got comments? CybrKN started a thread on the forum.

TAGS: patch, notes
Claude Errera | Jul 26, 2016 04:05 pm | link

Destiny Hot Fix 2.3.0 (The One About Hunters)


Betcha can't stick it... anymore. The June update is live, removing the ability to stick Tripmines to enemies (they've clearly learned to lather themselves with oil). Don't despair too much about this and other nerfs, because Hunters (and the other classes) have also seen a number of PvE buffs to help with the Orb-making. And you'll need those buffs, because a few of your favorite weapons have received some balance tweaks as well.

Korny | Jun 14, 2016 11:06 am | link

Destiny Hot Fix (The one about melee attacks)

It's a minor one, but the greatly-anticipated Hotfix for melee attacks (discussed in last week's TWAB post) is Live now. Notes are available over on Bnet (and locally), if you're curious about a couple of other fixes included in the patch.

Korny | May 3, 2016 11:05 am | link

2.2.0 Patch Notes (The One About The April Update)

The long-awaited fix for Birth of History's sunroof has finally arrived! Bungie has posted the patch notes for today's Update over on Bnet. There are a handful of other changes in the notes as well (as if you could want more), so check out what else is in store! Thanks, CyberKN. (We have a local version, for those who prefer.)

Korny | Apr 12, 2016 10:59 am | link

This Week At Bungie (and more!)

The latest weekly update at Bungie is live - visit to see their new streaming studio, get details about next week's Iron Banner, and see fun community vids. While you're there, notice the update that as a whole has received, and take a look at the patch notes explaining today's minor game update (basically, they added the ability to give you a free ghost if you played Crimson Days last week). Both the update and the patch notes are local, as usual.

Claude Errera | Feb 18, 2016 03:31 pm | link

It's Bungie Info Week!

We're a bit slow this week, but there's lot of new content for you on Patch 2.1.0 went live on Tuesday - you can read the full patch notes (edited today, in fact) there, or here, in our local archive. Some of the damage numbers were a bit wonky (and have been edited a couple of times now); explanations for these changes can be found in today's Bungie Weekly Update (also with a local copy). There's a boatload of other good stuff in there, too - including a piece from Urk which should allay your fears if you were one of the people who worried that 2016 would be full of events like the Sparrow Racing League, but no other substantial content. Finally, there was a Hot Fix this morning, correcting some unexpected behaviors brought on by the patch. (This is local, too.) Go read it all!

Claude Errera | Dec 10, 2015 03:09 pm | link

Update 2.0.2 - Weapon Parts and Crucible

At the same time that the Iron Banner kicked off this morning, a new update dropped - swing by to read all of the details. (You can read them in our Patch Notes Archive, as well, if you'd rather.) Lots of little fixes and tweaks, but the biggest bits of news are incorporated into the title: Banshee-44 is now selling Weapon Parts, and many Crucible quests have been streamlined and smoothed out. Worth your time to read!

TAGS: patch, notes
Claude Errera | Nov 17, 2015 03:19 pm | link

Hot Fix Patch Notes - Night Edition!


What's Nightfall and Nightstalker have in common? They're the main focus of today's hot fix from Bungie! The extra shots given by Nightstalker's Quiver option have been disabled until a true fix can be created. As well, the Nightfall rewards have been adjusted for this week and the forseeable future. There's also some notes about the King's Fall Hard Mode and its own rewards so give it a look! (Local copy here.)

TAGS: path, notes, hotfix
Leviathan | Oct 20, 2015 11:56 am | link

Patch Notes Coming In Hot!


Along with the launch of Iron Banner and Tess's Eververse Trading Company, we're also getting Destiny Update 2.0.1 today. CougRon was first in our forum to bring it up, and you can read all the patch notes on Bungie.Net. There's quite a few tweaks and fixes to essentially every aspect of the game, so give it some attention. You can read a local copy here.

Leviathan | Oct 13, 2015 10:35 am | link

Destiny Hot Fix


Bungie has posted what will most likely be the final update before The Taken King releases tonight at 2AM PDT. Read the notes at or below: - The One about the Collector's Edition

Before we launch Destiny: The Taken King, there's time for a fix impacting the delivery of items associated with the Collector's Edition.


  • Fixed issues with Taken King Collector’s Edition items:
    • Armor awards can now be found in the correct portion of the Postmaster's interface
    • Packages now produce the correct item even if opened by a different class
      • Players who might have been affected by this issue will be provided the correct armor piece

Xenos | Sep 14, 2015 07:37 pm | link

The one to prepare for Oryx

Bungie has posted the patch notes for Destiny Update 2.0.0, in preparation for next week's release of The Taken King. The list is monstrously long, so either swing by to read it, or check it out here in our own Patch Notes Archive - but either way, take a look, because this will affect almost everything you do in the game!

TAGS: patch, notes
Claude Errera | Sep 8, 2015 01:02 pm | link

BWU 9/03/15 - Change Is Coming

Yesterday's update recaps the recent reveals and shows off a new Crucible trailer letting us know that all Guardians, whether or not you bought The Taken King, will have access to the new Crucible maps for a limited time as a preview. There's also some patch notes on more of the changes coming in 2.0, news that the Moments of Triumph deadline has been slightly extended, and some tips in there on how to prepare for Taken King. Local copy is here and you can always discuss/debate the news in our forums here!

TAGS: bwu, patch, notes
Leviathan | Sep 4, 2015 10:16 am | link

Destiny Hot Fix


Bungie released a Hot Fix today, mainly to fix the Husk of the Pit not dropping during the Fist of Crota mission. They did put in a few small changes as well though, see the patch notes over at or read them below:


  • Fixed an issue where “Packing Heat” achievement/trophy could not be unlocked by newly acquired Exotic weapons
  • Fixed an issue where Husk of the Pit drops were disabled
  • Drop rates for the Husk of the Pit from Blades of Crota have been increased by 150%


  • Updated the House of Wolves Control playlist to include the following maps with a lower weight in the rotation:
    • Rusted Lands
    • Shores of Time
    • Pantheon
    • Exodus Blue (Sony)
  • Updated the House of Wolves Clash playlist to include the following maps with a lower weight in the rotation:
    • Firebase Delphi
    • Twilight Gap
    • Blind Watch
    • Exodus Blue (Sony)
  • Inferno and Doubles playlists now have different tuning values for ammo crates 
    • Special Ammo initial spawn time and respawn intervals have been changed to 180 seconds
    • Max of three Special Ammo crates will now be placed at one time
    • Heavy Ammo crates now spawn only once per match at 300 seconds


  • Tess Everis is temporarily leaving the Tower
    • A Kiosk terminal can be found near Eva Levante in North Tower that contains Tess' old inventory of special order items
  • The Nepal Aid shader and emblem have been added to the game
    • Redemption codes will soon be sent to the email used to place orders in the Bungie Store
    • These items will be found at the kiosk mentioned above


  • Fixed a potential crash when closing the vendor screen
  • Fixed a very rare case where an account could blocked by a WEASEL error on sign on
  • Fixed issues with suspend/resume handling on Xbox One

Xenos | Aug 11, 2015 12:12 pm | link

Destiny Update

Bungie released another patch this morning, and they are adding to their streak of knocking it out of the park. Go read the patch notes to see the changes they made (or see them below)!

Key Highlights

  • The first Wanted Fallen Bounty completed each week is now guaranteed to drop a Treasure Key
  • Greatly increased the drop rate of Treasure Keys from the small chests at the end of the Prison of Elders
  • Increased the drop rate of Treasure Keys from Ether Chests

Prison of Elders

  • Greatly increased the drop rate of Treasure Keys from the small chests
  • Class Items will now drop from Level 32, Level 34, and Level 35 
  • Fixed a bug in which the Ship (Hildian Seeker) did not drop under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a bug in which the ‘Elder Cipher’ Bounty could not be acquired if your Bounty inventory was full
  • You will need to defeat Skolas again to receive the ‘Elder Cipher’ Bounty
  • Damage caused by Qodron’s Gaze is reduced by 25%
  • Damage multiplier for the Jailbreaker buff increased by 100%

Trials of Osiris

  • Fixed an issue in which Trials of Osiris emblems were not sent to the Postmaster if your Emblem inventory was full
  • Passage Coins can now be dismantled

Weekly Heroics

  • Fixed an issue where the Weekly Heroic strikes did not award engrams (Note: Tooltip will not display them as rewards)


  • Increased the drop rate of Treasure Keys from Ether Chests
  • Ether Chests may only be looted once per spawn
  • Ether Chests will no longer grant ammo consumables when opened
  • Ether Chests will now grant a small amount of Queen's Wrath reputation when opened
  • Ether Chests now have a chance to drop Tokens of Flight, Identity, and Judgment


  • Petra will no longer display a quest waypoint for players who have not purchased House of Wolves
  • Fixed a bug in which players abandoning the ‘Gone to Ground’ quest were still being directed to the Venus Patrol


  • The first Wanted Fallen Bounty completed each week is now guaranteed to drop a Treasure Key


  • Fixed a bug in which the hotfix mistakenly did not contain the 1.1.1 Fusion Rifle balance changes.  As a result, players were playing with its pre-1.1.1 weapon balance state.  The original fix has been re-applied.


  • Tokens of Flight, Identity, and Judgment can now be dismantled to gain +10 House of Judgement reputation each 
  • Ammo consumables can now stack to 100

Xenos | Jun 2, 2015 09:59 am | link

Destiny Update 1.2.0

After a slight delay, Bungie has released Destiny Update 1.2.0 this morning. Here are the patch notes from (which also include preview notes for next week's hot fix to activate House of Wolves):

1.2.0 : The one to pre-load House of Wolves


  • Fixed an issue in which Vex Mythoclast was not respawning with primary ammunition
  • Fixed an issue with the Hive Disruptor perk, which now appears in the Black Hammer perk set again
  • Fixed an issue in which the Phantom Gift and White Nail perks would become interrupted when non-precision damage occurred from other perks
    • Bonus damage from other perks (e.g., Explosive Rounds, Hive Disruptor) no longer interrupts the count
    • Three precision hits within the time window will trigger the intended refund bonus
  • Fixed an issue in which the Hive Disruptor perk did not work correctly with sustained damage events (auto rifles, pulse, etc.)
    • Oracle Disruptor perk now triggers more often
    • Hive Disruptor perk now triggers more often, but does less damage per event


  • Salvage: Moved the first Relic to more consistently appear in a centralized position on the map
  • Fixed an issue that caused players to wait an excessively long time to respawn


  • Faction reward packages will no longer produce Shards
  • The Speaker will now exchange Ascendant and Radiant Materials for Glimmer and Motes of Light
  • Xûr will now exchange Strange Coins for Motes of Light
  • Commendations are no longer required to purchase gear
  • Commendations can now be converted to receive +250 gains in Vanguard, Crucible, or Faction reputation
  • Note: Etheric Light will not be made available for ascending gear until the release of House of Wolves

User Interface

  • Vendor Interaction Panel has been updated to support Quest chains
  • Vendor Interaction Panel now has better animations and fewer popping issues
  • Number of buffs that can be displayed on the Character screen has been increased
  • Inventory item stacks that have reached their highest possible count will now display gold numbers along with an alert in the tooltip that maximum quantities have been acquired 


  • Added improved feedback for players who take damage from energy weapons


  • Fixed an issue in which the Mercury Grimoire card was not being awarded
  • Retroactively awarded the Mercury Grimoire card to players who have found the "Mercury Memory Fragment" Dead Ghost
  • Vendor items, damage types, and perks will now be visible on and the Mobile App


  • Addressed a crash on Xbox One that was induced when too many explosions/projectiles were generated
  • Fixed an issue that affected the network quality user interface
    • Indicators will no longer display persistently bad ("red") quality after a user's connection recovers from a temporary quality issue
    • The quality indicators should now always correctly reflect a user's live connection quality


  • We have discovered that Legendary Engrams will drop in 1.2.0 that the Cryptarchs will not recognize
  • Hold on to all newly-acquired purple Engrams until May 19th to benefit from their upgraded decryption skillset

Destiny Hot Fix - 05/19/2015 : The one with House of Wolves

Along with the release of Destiny Expansion II, we are delivering some new investment and upgrade paths. The following are changes that will have an impact on every player of Destiny.



  • Added a new Daily Reward package upon completion of the first game in the Daily Featured Crucible playlist
  • Added Passage Coins to reward streams across all playlists, including the Daily reward package
  • Increased Crucible Mark drop rate across all playlists by 100%
  • Increased Crucible Reputation earnings across all playlists by 100%
  • Increased Rare Weapons and Gear drop chance for completing games across all playlists by 100%
  • Added Legendary Weapon drops into the Crucible reward stream across all playlists
  • Added Dark Below maps into all Crucible playlists for all players to enjoy (Pantheon, The Cauldron, Skyshock)

Iron Banner

  • Adjusted the power curve for Iron Banner playlists to accommodate the competitive range of power in House of Wolves
  • Across one Iron Banner event, players competing in Iron Banner with more than one character on the same account will receive a reputation boost for the lower-ranked characters to reach parity with the higher-ranked character more quickly
  • Six additional Iron Banner bounties have been added to the bounty rotation
  • Removed an errant buff from Iron Banner Control playlist
  • Etheric Light will now be available at Ranks 3 and 5 in Iron Banner


  • The Cryptarch will no longer convert newly acquired Legendary Engrams to Shards (possibilities include gear/weapons or exotics)
  • Daily Heroics will produce Motes of Light in lieu of Shards
  • Ascending: Year 1 Legendary and Exotic gear can be upgraded to the highest power levels available in Year 1

User Interface

  • The Control UI above the mini scoreboard has been fixed & returned to the players HUD


  • Added a new “Connection Recovery” System
    • Specific player networking problems will now be fixed instead of kicking affected players to orbit
    • This will be enabled first for Trials of Osiris and rolled out to other activities over time

Beorn | May 15, 2015 09:15 am | link

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