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Things to watch from E3

E3 is now over... but there were plenty of interesting bits that appeared during the week that we haven't mentioned. (Thanks to our forumgoers for keeping us up-to-date!) Here's a quick roundup:

  • Bungie CEO Pete Parsons sat down with WWE superstar Big Show to talk Destiny. There's not a lot of NEW info in this one - but Big Show is clearly a real fan, who knows his stuff! It's a really fun discussion. Thanks, CrisTheeCrappy.

  • Kotaku hosted a podcast with Luke Smith as one of their guests - and the Destiny discussion is fascinating. If you're looking for some honest behind-the-scenes views of the development process, this one is a must. Thanks, electricpirate.

  • Giant Bomb hosted some evening streams, and Luke Smith joined one of these, as well. The discussion was pretty entertaining (Luke was one of 5 guests on this one). Thanks, cheapLEY.

  • Lots of people have been posting 4K Destiny 2 PC gameplay, so that you can get a sense of how much more impressive this content is at 3840x2160 and 60 frames per second. Blackt1g3r pointed out some footage from ArsTechnica, and Xenos let us know about Digital Foundry's offering.

  • That ought to do it! I'm sure there are more goodies out there - but this should get you started.

    TAGS: e3, roundup
    Claude Errera | Jun 16, 2017 07:57 am | link

    Fanart Roundup - Brought to You By Hedge

    One of B.Org's Senior Field Correspondents, Hedgem0ny, Tweets a lot of great Destiny fanart made by a number of individuals from across the globe.. Here's a blatantly-shameful stalking of some of his recent aggregations:

    by Ayatori0

    Sword of Crota replica by ProfessorCaTPardus and for sale on Etsy.

    Warlock 3D model by martynball - more shots on his DeviantArt.

    Last, but not least, DestiPonies by Arteses-Canvas!

    Leviathan | Dec 8, 2014 04:24 pm | link

    Fanart Roundup

    Hedge is apparently the acting cryptarch of Destiny fanart through his Twitter. When a game is first announced, you see a lot of fanart inspired by what its art direction brings to the table. Now when a game launches, you get to see a slightly different breed of fanart created by personal experiences with the game, which is always fun! Maybe Sundays should just become a fanart roundup day?

    by EvoRazgriz

    by k04sk

    by Chimy-The-Zombie

    Leviathan | Sep 14, 2014 10:56 am | link

    Catching Up

    boushh.pngWell, it looks like we, as a team, are falling down on the job these days; there's been quite a bit of Destiny news released since Monday, but nobody's found time to keep our front-page readers informed. For this, I apologize. Let's see if we can quickly bullet-point the stuff that's been mentioned...

    TAGS: news, roundup
    Claude Errera | Jul 9, 2014 09:49 am | link

    And now you know... the rest of the stories

    A quick roundup of other info drops from around the web:

    reddit_sm.pngreddit user FutureWarCult has collected screenshots from all the articles - you can scroll through them here. Lots of comments, as well. In the same vein, INSANEdrive found a native Russian speaker to translate some of the visible text in the shots.

    theguardian.pngThe Guardian posted their review of the time they spent in Bellevue recently - it's full of fun tidbits. (Lots of them have been seen in other reviews - but some are unique.) It's pretty hefty, overall.

    gamespot_logo.pngGamespot put up a piece discussing the lack of a PC option for Destiny (at least at launch), and the reasons behind this decision. Sort of nice to see an honest discussion of what ISN'T happening - usually, those are made impossible by marketing realities.

    theknow.jpgThe Know (a gaming info channel from Rooster Teeth) has some of the choice bits about how characters and classes work, as the start of their week-long coverage of Destiny.

    g_o_d.jpgroland let us know that tonight's Guardian Radio will feature DeeJ, live, on the stream - be sure to listen in! (It kicks off in less than an hour, so clear your schedule.)

    For the most part, these links came from Xenos. One of these days, he'll fire me. Until then, I'll keep telling you what he finds.

    TAGS: news, roundup
    Claude Errera | Apr 28, 2014 06:52 pm | link

    Destiny News' E3 Roundup

    Destiny Updates dropped by the forum to let us know that he's put together a roundup video covering pretty much everything we learned about Destiny from E3. Turns out there was quite a bit!

    TAGS: e3, roundup
    Beorn | Jun 15, 2013 08:29 am | link

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