I had a good time yesterday, too... (Destiny)

by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Wednesday, January 30, 2019, 21:15 (428 days ago) @ Ragashingo

I know it’s easy to dismiss whining and complaining, but when the community on Reddit is this united about something, they’re usually right.

I strongly disagree. Reddit is why Destiny 2 is like it is today.

You mean fun and dynamic with exciting guns and powerful abilities, rather than the bland, watered-down combat D2 launched with? ;p

I’m being snarky (in a good humoured way), but I do mean it. I find Destiny 2’s gameplay far more enjoyable now than it was at launch.

A game tuned for overly fast gameplay and time to kill and a game that demands far more of my time to simply play new content than I'm willing to give. And Nova Warp?! Is the most extreme of extreme edge cases. I'd be like someone denying the power of the un-nerfed Sunbreaker Titan back in the Destiny 1 glory days.

Overly fast gameplay? D2 is still slow by modern FPS standards.

The time-sink? I’m with you there. I’m not at all thrilled with how time demanding the game is now. BUT, I do appreciate the breadth of things to do, and the variety of great gear to chase.

Yes, nova warp is an obvious case. But for many players, especially PvP-focused players who are very familiar with TLW in D1, the mediocrity of the D2 version is equally obvious.

I find that, in general, Reddit want every single thing to kill faster no matter what.

I disagree, but that’s fine.

I jumped in with The Last Word just now, and I'm not at all sure what people are expecting. I got a decent 17 kills vs a team that was generally outplaying my randos. It is decent at short range, useless at long range, but it felt... good. I beat a shotgun slider 2 out of 3 times we clashed. I pulled off a midrange 8 shot kill against someone who was ducking to and fro around a corner. I can't kill people across the map, but so what?! It's a close range gun that hits surprisingly hard with surprising ease when you trust the hip fire.

That’s easy... people are expecting/hoping that it will feel and function like the gun they used in D1. And what they got is a version of TLW that is nerfed to the point that most serious crucible players feel like they’d be at a disadvantage if they used it in the crucible in place of their usual guns. But more than that, the fact that the gun is SO GOOD on PC is making some people feel like the problem is not TLW itself, but rather how bloom and recoil mechanics work on console, which is another issue that many hardcore PvP players have been talking about for months.

Personally, I don’t really care. I was never a huge fan of TLW. But I understand where the disappointment is coming from. TLW was one of THE BEST crucible weapons in D1. It’s expected and reasonable for TLW fans to be excited to get their hands back on the gun, and then to feel a little let down by its mediocre state on consoles. None of that is unfair or unreasonable.

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