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I don't watch very many Destiny YouTube videos, but I came across this one and really appreciated the gameplay and the meta commentary. This is basically my exact position as stated by someone who plays the game a good level better than I do:

I liked that video. He made great points. People trying to use The Last Word to outgun a Not Forgotten are dumb, period. That's not the point of the gun. It'd be like trying to outgun a Not Forgotten at range with a sidearm. It's silly.

I still don't have it, so I can't really comment on how it feels.

I do think worrying about that it's better on PC than it is on console is silly. This game doesn't have crossplay, so who gives a shit what it feels like on PC? They're two entirely different platforms with ostensibly different balance considerations.

It’s an issue of intent vs execution, plus a plain simple question of fun. Console players are watching PC streamers have loads of fun with a weapon that simply doesn’t work the same way on console. All the jumping through hoops to defend the Last Word is silly, and dismisses the fact that it is neither fun nor satisfying to point your gun straight at a target, pull the trigger, and have your shot miss due to inconsistent shooting mechanics.

As far as the video itself goes, I’m not the first one to point out that he is an absolute top-tier player, so watching him win a few gunfights with TLW isn’t disproving anyone’s complaints. It simply is not the gun that it was in D1. The D2 PC version is, however (or at least close enough to make fans of TLW happy).

I found this video far more helpful, and a more honest representation of the weapon. He shows how TLW can be very effective, but stresses how difficult it is to use properly, and explains some very specific techniques he’s developed to mitigate the recoil;

Ok... I had to come back to this after watching your video... It almost uniformly paints the Destiny 2 console version of The Last Word as a top tier powerful hand cannon that takes a bit to get used to but is powerful to use and very powerful when paired with a high impact weapon like a sniper rifle or bow. The author makes the point that The Last Word does as much damage and has the same kill time as Thunderlord. He calls it a "direct counter" to pinnacle weapons like Luna's Howl. He is very nearly 100% on the weapon.

So where is anyone "jumping though hoops" to defend this gun?!

Ok, sure, maybe mouse and keyboard and the differences in PC recoil make it an even better gun, but we've now got two video and my personal experiences saying The Last Word is very good on console. The thing disproving the complains is all the commentary, half of which you linked to! Are you muting the videos and closing your eyes?! Are you choosing to believe one group of players bad mouthing the gun while completely discounting the other group that says it's good?

I really and truly do not understand where you are coming from. Find me a video that calls the gun crap. Find me a post that back up your point of view. Because, right now... I just don't get it. By watching the videos linked here I would come away thinking what the guy in your video thought:

Bungie nailed it.

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