I had a good time yesterday, too... (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂ @, Official DBO Cryptarch, Wednesday, January 30, 2019, 22:24 (428 days ago) @ cheapLEY

...but is it even that demanding of time now?

I think it absolutely is. When Black Armory came out and I didn't have a chance in hell of coming close to beating the first forge even though I'd put in a ton of hours into the game all throughout Warmind and Forsaken... I just put down my controller and walked away. The bias towards players who can afford to literally play all day and against someone like me who played for several hours most nights is just bewildering.

The back to back week one release of the Raids (and the larger than ever emphasis on World's First) \ already had me burnt out on raising my Power Level up as quickly as possible. thoruhg Releasing new content where everything was locked behind a challenge that I reached within two hours but had no chance of beating for around two weeks? That was it. I was, and still am, done.

I already addressed a bunch of my PvP complaints. For PvE, I want to see some recognition that not everyone reaches a Raid ready level in 4 days. I want difficulty levels or content that starts beatable for most any player and then scales up from there but only to provide additional challenge. I want something like where new content/seasons alternate between raising the power level and letting me enjoy the game without having to suffer through taking 200% extra damage for a couple of weeks.

I love Destiny's story, but I am more glad than ever that I don't have to play the game to read the deepest lore.

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