18+| I have cuss'd so much today. Shoot, where do I start... (Destiny)

by INSANEdrive, ಥ_ಥ | f(ಠ‿↼)z | ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ| \[T]/, Tuesday, February 09, 2021, 21:49 (15 days ago) @ Malagate

(Hey there. This is the back of INSANEdrives head speaking. Yeah I know, I'm not sure how I'm doing it either... but regardless, I know that the real test of this season happens after two weeks passes by and all the happy shiny new ha-ha loses the momentum of their shine. But with my whispering of that made known...)





Shoot, where do I start?

Well... I like bows. They make my hair look FABULOUS! Also, I like bows, they also make my hair look FABULOUS as I turn around and put on sunglasses as the explosive based perk does its work. YEAH! Speaking of explosions, has anyone here had time to play with TICUU'S DIVINATION? Simple to use, but to master it... *Chefs Kiss*. PVE. PVP. Where ever. YES! I look forward to getting the catalyst on this sucker. Also... how do you say that name? I tried to sound it out and ended up tell'n my self gesundheit.

So now we have an exotic bow for every light subclass type, and each one has an area clear type perk. Which is FANTASTIC, 'cus has anyone seen/peeked at the new exotic armors? Before I get to that... HOLY SHIT... WTF IS THAT HUNTER EXOTIC! KILL IT WITH FIRE! DO IT NOW BEFORE THE EGGS HATCH. OMG. OMG. And then there is the Titan one... it's cool, I guess, BUT THE WARLOCK ONE! EVERYTHING IS BAD JU JU WITH THE WARLOCK ONE! So now I can get SOME SWEET BOW ACTION with some SWEET Super Action. Ohhhh. Look'n forward to that!

AND THE NEW PERKS! OH! Check it (you'll have to scroll a little to find 'em)! Ignoring "Causality Arrows", which is the for the exotic bow, these legendary perks are cool! I actually just got a SMG with Frenzy, it's a BLAST to use. Oh, and on top of that... desperado returns!

And then there is H.E.L.M. ... and I'm going to quote my self here... *AHEM*

"Ok Bungie, where is it? Where's the apartment, is it this door? No. This one... no, not this one either. You made a totally separate private space that is not connected to the tower, with wood flooring no less, and we have no "Guardian apartment"? Ok ok, fine, well at least there has to be a hall to test out the wepons right, I mean we even have the UI enabled here (unlike the tower)... no... no gun testing hall or... anything. Hmm."

Hey, it's fine though. It's a new space, and I look forward to BUNGIE expanding the H.E.L.M. I LOVE that I can go from postmaster to vault in a hop and a skip. Fantastic.

I do have one complaint though. JUST ONE. (For now.) WHY IS CROW IN EARSHOT OF THE MAIL/VAULT KIOSKS! You were SO CLOSE Bungie. SO CLOSE! For the last, oh, year or so... when I've sorted stuff in the tower, I turned off the voice audio (which by the way got merged with something else in the setting now). I DON'T NEED TO HEAR ABOUT WORMSPORE 1000X over while I'm trying to organize my stuff. I don't need to hear your FUCK'N Drug-pusher clucking about FUCKING Fenchurch! ...and by the way FUCK THAT GUY JUST BECAUSE. I GET IT. HE'S NEVER THERE. SHUT. UP.

...oh...I'm sorry... I digress. Oh that's been there for awhile now man, oh... where was I? I feel better now. Um... oh... and so every-time-I've gone to the-tower, verbal-audio-off.

So when we finally can have some SWEET SWEET peace and quiet, with the added bonus of OPTIMAL placement between the Vault, Postmaster, and Umbriel kit (plus hey, some Deep Stone Lullaby)... I GET TO HEAR 'IS SHIT ON LOOP! YOU HAVE CROW YACKING ABOUT how Ikora is ignoring him, and how Osiris is not like other Warlocks and (worryingly lore wise) him whistling Savathûns song. WHY! YOU WERE SO CLOSE BUNGIE! It's been a DAY and I ALREADY know all that he says on loop. FUCK. FUCK. FUCK.

So now I have to turn audio off in there too. Bleh.

Ah.... anything else... OH! The Perks on SALVAGER'S SALVO? Nice. Battleground feels like it should be a 4 man deal to me. I like how big the spaces are, but... man... just three folks makes things feel so exposed. At least with 4 you can tag team up 2 & 2 and get things done.

...and uh, yeah. I may have missed a thing or two, but over all, I think I've given a uh, decent jest.

Nice stuff.

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