Yeah running Devil's Lair as a tough nightfall first (Destiny)

by kidtsunami @, Atlanta, GA, Wednesday, February 10, 2021, 12:59 (14 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

I really love the new bow. It reminds me of Malfeasance, in that it really comes to life in situations where multiple teammates are all running with it together. The “tag an enemy with a homing hipfire shot and then make them explode with an ADS shot” mechanic works in team-fire situations. I went into crucible with a clanmate, and we worked together; I’d tag every enemy I could with the hip-fire homing arrows, while he fired precision shots. Together, we were setting off explosions non-stop. It was great!

Oh my goodness! It STACKS?! I've not played with anyone yet, so news to me! Oh wow, if the damage loop this thing has holds (see, isn't nerfed) this thing might replace Wish Ender as my preferred competitive Bow.

I wonder what kind of maddness a 6 man could do?

The new Battlegrounds activity is... fine, I guess. But boy does it feel like a misuse of resources in a way. After completing the intro quest (which involves running a couple Battleground activities), I jumped into a fireteam with a couple clan mates who had started playing about an hour earlier than me, and they both commented on how sick of the battlegrounds they already were. Later that night, I was playing with Korny and Claude, and they too both commented on how uninterested they were on doing more of this activity. It’s the first day, and this activity is already feeling worn out after a handful of completions. I think it’s fine as a little diversion to jump into on occasion with friends, but as the primary activity of the season it really falls flat IMO. There just isn’t enough to it.

I would like to add here, has anyone here played in the updated rendition of "The Devils' Lair"? Since I started the season at 1260 on my main, I was able to jump into a 1270 night fall immediately, and as it turns out this week said strike is the Nightfall this week. WOW! Does that strike outdo the Battlegrounds activity. The so called Battlegrounds are just poorly made strikes. "The Devils' Lair" is a BATTLEFIELD end-to-end. It's actually fantastic. And yes, all the "problem spots" (where everyone is likely to get downed and restart) have returned. I don't think sniping the tank works as well as it once did, but that's ok because it's more fun not to now. It's really interesting.

Was an amazing way to drop back into it. So good.

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