I think you're looking in the wrong places (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Thursday, February 11, 2021, 16:42 (24 days ago) @ Vortech

I think they raised the level of harbinger for this season, but last season every one of the dozen times I did harbinger I was in the low to mid 1260. Maybe lower? So, Yes. You would've been fine. And, yes that is with a fireteam, but if you expect destiny to design for solo play, I get it and in many ways sympathize, but that just isn't and never has been the game that it is.

Um . . . every dungeon has had Triumphs for soloing it. The new Lost Sector rewards are explicitly designed around solo play. I like playing with people, so I’m not fussed about that, but the game is pretty explicitly designed around soloing high level content in some regards.

In any case, I just watched a video about the new season stuff. I’m happy with the new challenge system (other than it just being another list of chores). At least I can actually catch up if I do decide to jump back into the game in six weeks, rather than just missing out on six weeks worth of progress. If they could make the Powerful/Pinnae rewards work the same way, that would go a long way towards fixing my major issue with the game. Let me continue to earn the previous six weeks worth of Pinnacles if I missed them. I’d still be locked into doing those specific activities instead of playing what I want, but being able to spend a night in Crucible and earn 4 Pinnacles that I missed out on would alleviate the game feeling like a job.

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