Mixed feelings so far (Destiny)

by cheapLEY @, Wednesday, February 10, 2021, 16:10 (14 days ago) @ Claude Errera

You’re right on both counts, of course, although I’m not really thrilled with UI still. It’s the tone of the thing, however. Sure, this is probably just someone throwing a tweet out without much consideration in a light hearted way, but he thinks it’s funny? He thinks it’s funny that the current output of the people making Destiny is so bad that a not insignificant portion of the community believes that most of their team fucked off to make a different game? I’m glad he finds that hilarious, I guess, but I would find it sort of embarrassing.

I just think it highlights the communication problem with Bungie. People assuming there is a skeleton crew working on Destiny has very little to do with the UI and everything to do with the amount of new playable content being added to the game (or removed from the game). I’m glad there are more UI designers working on the game, thanks, that totally fixes the lack of any sort of consideration for the fundamental systems and core playlists in Destiny. I’m glad the fucking menus are pretty, I guess, and that the Tower is finally the default selection on the Director again after two years.

And I suspect that he knows the people theorizing about skeleton crews aren’t talking about the UI. So he’s either oblivious to the real
issues people have (which, fine, I guess that’s not his job if it’s not about UI), or he’s just being deliberately obtuse for some reason I can’t quite comprehend. And if we’re meant to extrapolate that there are currently more UI designers in the game than ever, then that also means the other teams are equally staffed, it still makes me wonder what the hell they’re actually doing over there, because I would not say the game reflects that at all.

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