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by squidnh3, Tuesday, January 11, 2022, 13:41 (218 days ago) @ INSANEdrive

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Give up. I see it as unlikely Bungie is going to truly fix this issue, because it never really ends. At this point it will act as a self-imposed sunsetting, where you have to decide whether to keep the new stuff or get rid of the old stuff. You choose, now's the time. This is coming from me, who's been at X99/X00 for the entirety of Destiny - I know it's my choice to be this way, and it's not necessary to have a full vault to experience the game fully.

Second answer:
That being said, it sounds like there's some stuff you could do to gain some breathing room.

For starters, with the light capped at 1100 in " " " "COLLECTIONS" " " " (don't get me started DON'T GET ME STARTED), I'm required to keep exotic weapons at light in my vault. THIS NEEDLESSLY TAKES UP Space in the VAULT! At my current count in vault, it's 38 slots. 38! It's bad enough that I have to hold on to Armor Exotics for their Stat rolls (96 slots at current count in vault), as well as the two exotic weapons with RNG, but the need to keep Static Exotic Weapons as well just for the sake of a power rating is really kick'n my Vaults butt. I don't even care about the hur-big numbers that are attached to some of them at this point, as DANG it... I need space so that I can just DO things.

One option is to keep exotic weapons you use constantly, but if you rarely use them, delete them and keep one "floating" exotic that you can use to infuse. For instance, you have a Cerebus, and pull a Thorn out of collections, infuse the Cerebus into the Thorn. Maybe costly, but it could gain you some more breathing room.

As a result, this effects what character I play with in raids, as I recently recalled one week ago playing Garden with my Hunter. I've only been playing raids with my Main (Warlock) as it makes the most sense between a playtime and slot stance to get that raid gear. And that sucks, as I had fun playing with my Hunter, but I had to shard that kit. I don't have room. I can't have room. I have all these considerations... slots and mods which ebbs into elemental affinity, and then! That doesn't even count what ever stat roll. It's just... bleh. I just want to play dang it. Make it so that if I transmogrify to raid gear, it becomes that raid gear. It gains that slot. Probably a bigger ask then I presently fathom, but hey! Got any better ideas?!

A full set of Garden armor is good to have for the boss, but it doesn't really matter what the stats are, and make it Void affinity (the mote collector perk). DSC is too easy for the specific raid perks to matter, and you can always rebuy the armor at the end if that changes. Same with VoG. YMMV for Last Wish.

But the big thing... THE BIG reason I think I have come to this point here is... despite all the stats, I can never get a feel for every drop. Think about this folks, do you test EVERY roll you get? Speaking for myself, I've been forced to roll the dice on stat odds alone, but those odds are "will this feel good to play with" mixed with "what does this perk (3&4) combination bring to the play". Statically, I have some great weapons thus the spread sheet is king... and I'm just. It's not fun. The PLAY is lost in all this... noise.

I actually hardly ever test anything, especially PvE rolls. My general rule for PvE is that special gear is fun but not necessary, so those are often the first cuts I make. The exception is things that explode, I keep those things. Testing in Patrol is often very misleading too.

Even just the ability to infuse things with out it needing to be on your characters inventory would be a big deal. Sometimes the shuffling around kit is just as bad as the endless loot clogging the pipes in the first place. If I could infuse stuff straight from my postmaster, boy would that help things.

You use to be able to infuse stuff in the Vault (most/some of the time), but the latest update broke it for me. Seems to be a loading issue.

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