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This Week At Bungie - 11/22/2017

Mercury: Retrograde

The Bungie folks are gone for Thanksgiving, but we still get an update before they go! The whole thing starts with an archived recording of the "New Ways To Play" stream from Tuesday, showcasing some of the new features available in the upcoming Curse of Osiris. And for those running into erroneous error messages on PC, while you're swallowing your turkey, Destiny Player Support is looking for a way to swallow your Buffalo, with some helpful troubleshooting steps to get you back in the game (have you tried configuring your UPnP?). They have also included a list of other known issues, so stand by for some fixes for those!
The short-but-sweet update is wrapped up with Montage-focused MotWs, and a reminder of next Wednesday's stream, which will show off the new loot that you can acquire once the expansion drops on December 5th. A local copy will be available soon (some of us are also gone for the holiday!), and thanks go to CougRon for letting us know about the early update!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Korny | Nov 24, 2017 08:01 am | link

This Week At Bungie - 11/16/17

Osiris Guardians

With most of the team gearing up for upcoming Destiny content, and Cozmo taking time off to care for the newest addition to the family (congrats!), this week's update is brought to us by dmg04, the current Acting Community Manager. He brings us an archived upload of the "New Stories To Tell" stream from Wednesday, with a hint of what we can expect from the next one. There is also a reminder about New Monarchy's Faction Rally victory (grab that Sword if you qualified!), and a some info on Iron Banner's return on Tuesday (the gametype will be Clash!). Destiny Player Support has some Hotfix troubleshooting, and this week's MoTWs are all about talent and style.
As always, a local copy is available to check out here, and thanks go to Kahzgul for letting us know about the update.

TAGS: bwu, twab
Korny | Nov 20, 2017 11:53 am | link

This Week At Bungie - 11/09/2017

New Monarchy Warlock

Faction Rally isn't the only thing seeing some cultivation this week, as Bungie's update shows. The December 5th patch dropping with Curse of Osiris is bringing a whole slew of refinements and changes, which Bungie helps fill us in on. Ready for some HDR and 4K on your premium consoles? Looking forward to an emote wheel? Wondering what's next for clans (and those who turn to clans for help through Guided Games)? Information on all that and more can be found in this update. 
Other than that, Destiny Player Support has some information on a big change coming to the weekly refresh schedule, and the Movies of the Week offer up something way different than the usual fare, so check them out, either at Bungie's own site, or here in the local copy. Thanks, CougRon for letting us know!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Korny | Nov 10, 2017 10:30 am | link

This Week At Bungie - 11/02/2017

The Weekly Update this time around is full of tasty tidbits; dates for the upcoming Twitch livestreams explaining the DLC that drops in December, info on next week's Rally Faction, a reminder that Trials of the Nine launches again tomorrow, details about problems they're working on solving, and more. You should go read it - either on or in our own Weekly Update Archive. (And in case you missed it, a Hotfix dropped this morning - that, too, can be found in our Archives.)

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Nov 2, 2017 03:46 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - 10/26/2017 (a little late)

The latest update from Bungie went live 2 days ago, but we're sometimes a little slow here. Doesn't mean you shouldn't read it, though - it's full of tasty info. There's the PC ViDoc if you haven't seen it yet, along with reminders of the new armor coming in Season 2 (and a summary of the changes we can expect to see when that launches). There's a patch note preview for some much more immediate changes  (dropping in the next few days, in fact). The Support team has a list of issues they're working on with the PC launch, and there are, as always, fan videos. Go check it all out! (We've had a copy in our Weekly Update Archive since Thursday. Again, sorry for the delay in telling you about it.)

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Oct 28, 2017 10:07 am | link

This Week At Bungie - 10/19/2017


This week at Bungie, the PC launch is in the spotlight. Everything from hardware recommendations to a calendar of the first month's events is covered. For those who are more curious about Bungie's long-term plans with Destiny 2, you'll get more information on today's "Seasons of Destiny" panel at TwitchCon (4:30PM Pacific).
Destiny Player Support has some pretty important info on Hotfixes and known bugs, and the Movies of the Week make great use of Destiny 2's beautiful environments!

You can read all about it over at Bungie's site, or read the local copy here. Thanks, Schedonnardus, for the heads up!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Korny | Oct 20, 2017 07:09 am | link

This Week At Bungie - 10/12/2017

Yeah, so it was Thursday yesterday, and Bungie posted another update (and we even localized it then), but now it's Friday, and we're finally getting around to telling you about it. Because we're lazy. But you shouldn't be lazy - you should go read it, because it contains interesting stuff that you probably want to know about. Have you been playing Iron Banner this week? If not, you haven't experienced Distant Shores yet - it's a new map brought over from Destiny 1, and it's quite fun. Are you planning on getting the PC version of Destiny 2? Then you might want to check out the details about launch windows in various countries, and minimum and recommended stats of the hardware you'll need to run it. Have you been waiting for the Prestige raid, and are you worried they'll postpone it again? Don't worry, they won't - you can read why in the update. Are you having issues with the game? The Support team has your back. Do you like watching videos made by fans showing fun aspects of Destiny 2? They're in there, too! Check it all out.

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Oct 13, 2017 03:40 pm | link

This Week at Bungie - 10/05/2017

Another week, another update from Bungie - this one has some pretty cool stuff in it! Next week is the first Iron Banner tournament for Destiny 2 - get ready! Also next week, the Prestige version of the Raid drops - harder, minor mechanical changes (why does that sound so ominous?), 'unique rewards'. In two weeks, a Destiny panel at TwitchCon, talking about Seasons. And of course, the reliable support notes and weekly fan vids. Go check it all out! It's in our Weekly Update Archive, as well, of course.

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Oct 6, 2017 10:04 am | link

This Week At Bungie - 09/28/17

Faction Rally
This week at Bungie, the first Faction Rally is in full swing, so news is a bit on the lighter-but-savory side. Bungie can't tell us for sure if Dead Orbit is winning by a mile or several miles, but the winner will be announced after Hotfix drops on Tuesday (they weren't kidding about faster tweaks to the game). If you're curious about what changes will come with that Hotfix, a preview has been included as well.
And speaking of tweaks, Senior Designer Jon Weisnewski dropped by to let us know that they are closely monitoring the Sandbox, and to remind folks about their Feedback forum. To cap off the update, Destiny Player Support will help you get ready for the upcoming changes, and the fantastic Movies of The Week should tide you over until then.

Check out at Bungie's site, or in our local archive. Thanks to UnrealCh13f for the heads up!

TAGS: twab, bwu
Korny | Sep 29, 2017 11:13 am | link

This(?) Week At Bungie - 09/21/17

Faction Rally
Boy, Destiny 2 is so addictive that we've been a bit behind on the news. Did you know there was a Weekly Update last week? It's true! And it's been placed in the local archive for your enjoyment.
There was another update for this week a few days ago as well, so let's get into it, since it will be very relevant starting tomorrow. First up, Faction Rally is here! Your favorite factions (and FWC) have returned in Destiny 2, and they're bringing some exclusive loot with them. Check the update for details on what they're bringing, and how you can contribute to an exclusive deal for your faction of choice!
Also in the update is a large collection of gorgeous images and concept art from Bungie's art team. A few spoilers in there, so be ready to avert your gaze on the last few images if you haven't done the raid yet.
Rounding out the update is some Q&A about how Guided games works in the Beta stage, Destiny Player Support has some troubleshooting and maintenance info, and the Movie of the Week includes some sweet riffs for fans of the "Journey" track from Destiny 2's soundtrack.

And while we've been lacking on front page posts, the local archive continues to be updated reliably, so feel free to check it out there (and thanks to Robot Chickens, for letting us know about this update!)

TAGS: bwu, twab
Korny | Sep 25, 2017 03:19 pm | link

Some Other Week at Bungie - 09/07/17

Well, it's almost time for the NEXT weekly update from Bungie, so don't you think it might be time to mention LAST week's? In our defense, we've been playing. A lot. So: what did you miss? Let's see... there was a roadmap for the special activities planned for Month 1 of Destiny 2 (some interesting stuff in there!), details about the Destiny 2 soundtrack, and an explanation, from Luke Smith, about why they chose to go the route they did with shaders this time around, along with the standard Support notes and fan-created videos. All in all, a worthwhile update - we're sorry we haven't mentioned it before now! (If it makes you feel any better, it's been in our Weekly Update Archive since last Thursday.)

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Sep 12, 2017 11:37 am | link

This Week At Bungie - 08/31/2017

While this post is a few days late, the final Weekly Update before Destiny 2's launch is definitely worth a read. There's actually so much info in this week's post that summarizing it all would make for a long news post in itself. Everything from additions to the Bungie Store to important dates that you'll want to covered. Investment Designer Daniel Auchenpaugh lets us know how Bungie is improving engram decryption, and Destiny Player Support has info that will help you get your console and account ready to make the most of Destiny 2's robust social features. Even the MotW is chock-full of information, so check it all out, either at, or here in the local archive. Thanks for the heads up, CyberKN!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Korny | Sep 4, 2017 09:38 am | link

This Week At Bungie - 08/24/2017

EDZ armor sets
Journeys abound in this week's Update. While the Bungie away team is in Europe, we get a glimpse of... well, Europe. Specifically, the European Dead Zone that you'll be exploring in Destiny 2, as well as some of the fine folks that you'll run into while you're there.
And since Destiny 2 will be traveling to the unfamiliar world of PC, a handy layout of the default control scheme for PC is available for those who will be jumping into the Beta four days from now.
For those headed to PAX next week, you can find a detailed schedule of Bungie's panel discussions in this update as well. Rounding out the update, Destiny Player Support has some useful information for those of you who will be hopping into the Beta soon, and the Movie of the Week should get you pumped for it as well. You can read the update over at the other Bnet, or at the one and only local Weekly Update Archive. Thanks to UnrealCh13f for the heads up!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Korny | Aug 24, 2017 09:00 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - 08/17/2017

Yesterday was Thursday, so Bungie was back with another weekly summary - swing by (or our Weekly Update Archive) to read the details! Gamescom, the Destiny 2 PC Beta, PAX, and the Destiny Companion all received some informational love. There are also standard features, like Support Team notes and fan-created videos - go read!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Aug 18, 2017 11:06 am | link

This Week At Bungie - 08/10/2017

Yesterday was Thursday, so Bungie posted some info about how the week went, and what to expect in the near future. This one has lots of tasty bits! There is info from both Lars Bakken and Josh Hamrick, explaining the changes made to Destiny 2 in time for the Destiny 2 PC Beta launching on August 28. There's a reminder that this weekend's Trials of Osiris, starting today, is the last one in Destiny 1 - play it this weekend or don't play it any more! There's info from the Destiny Support team, this time focusing on changes that affect streamers most strongly (clarification of last week's info). And of course there's info on the next Bungie Bounty and some fan-submitted vids. Go check it out! As usual, there's a copy in our archive if that's preferable. 

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Aug 11, 2017 08:00 am | link

This Week At Bungie - 08/03/2017

It's a quiet week at Bungie, but Cozmo still has an update for you. Highlights include info about the Destiny 2 PC Beta, coming in a few weeks, but there are also the standard features - info from the Support Team, details about the next Bungie Bounty, and fan-made movies. Go check it out! As always, there's a copy in our Update Archive if you'd rather read it here.

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Aug 4, 2017 01:34 am | link

This Week At Bungie - 07/27/2017

This week, Bungie has some info for you, and some warnings. In their weekly info dump, you'll find hardware specs if you're interested in trying out the PC Beta in late August, long with details about the new Exotic weapon for Destiny 2 that was revealed this week. They warn you that this is the last week that Trials of Osiris stats will count towards the Age of Triumph book, and that next week is the last Iron Banner event in Destiny 1. (I guess that means that there won't be any D2 IB after D2 launches... sadness.) There's also quite a bit of info about Destiny 2 Clans, and what you'll need to do if you run a Destiny 1 Clan or Group. And of course, there's the standard stuff - lots of info from the Support team, details about the next Bungie Bounty, and a passel of fan-created videos. Go check it all out! (Our local copy is up, of course.)

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Jul 27, 2017 03:11 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - 07/20/2017

In a surprise to nobody, the focus on this week's update from Bungie is the Destiny 2 Beta. There's feedback (for you) from devs, there's info on what they hope to get from the data they're collecting, there's help from the support team for players having a less-than-perfect experience. There's  also standard stuff, like the Bungie Bounty coming next week, and fan videos (both D1 and D2 are represented). Go read - either on, or in our own archive!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Jul 20, 2017 04:47 pm | link

This Week at Bungie - July 13, 2017

You Beta be ready

The Beta is almost upon us! So this week's update from Bungie goes over the details, telling us what we'll be playing, how to play, and maybe some issues we might encounter. Go read it over at, or here, locally.

TAGS: d2, beta, twab, thab
Xenos | Jul 13, 2017 01:23 pm | link

This Week at Bungie - 07/06/2017

Not surprisingly, given that the trailer for the Destiny 2 open Beta dropped today, the update Bungie released focuses largely on Destiny 2 and the Beta. You can watch the new trailer, read about what's available (and what's not), and and check out the emblem available to all who play during Beta week. As you might expect, there are also standard features of the weekly updates: notes from the Destiny Support Team, info about upcoming Bungie Bounties, and movies from fans. You can, as usual, read a copy locally, if you so choose. Catch up!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Jul 6, 2017 05:32 pm | link

This Week at Bungie - 06/29/2017

It's Thursday, so it's time for Bungie's weekly summary of past and future happenings. This week, the focus is on Clans, and how they'll translate to Destiny 2 - but there's also info about the emblems you can earn now for Destiny 2, and details about next week's Iron Banner (Mayhem Clash is back!). Of course, you'll also find details on the latest Bungie Bounties and fan-created vids - so go read! If you'd rather, our local copy is up as well.

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Jun 29, 2017 06:01 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - 06/22/2017

A Monument To All Your Wins

Bungie starts drawing the curtain back on rewards and dates that Destiny vets should be keeping an eye on in this week's Update. Emblems for your Age of Triumph accomplishments are highlighted, as are the banners that will grace the top of your character screens. For those wanting to check off their different accomplishments in the game before the deadline on August 1st, a schedule of all remaining events (including the final Destiny 1 Iron Banner and Trials of Osiris events) is listed as well.

For those Xbox players wondering when they'll have a chance to bring down Theosyion with a Jade Rabbit, be sure to hold on to some exotic primary engrams until October 2017, when the Playstation Exclusive content becomes available to all.

To round out the update, Destiny Player Support is on hand to let people know about incoming server maintenance, a new Mentor from the help forums is recognized, a Bungie Bountie from the Golden state is targeted, and Cozmo's favorite clips of the week are listed in the MotW (including a truly heartbreaking one that most can relate to in one way or another).
Check it out!  (A local version is available here.)

TAGS: bwu, twab
Korny | Jun 22, 2017 03:01 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - 06/08/2017

It's that time again - Bungie posted some info about their current doings, and the upcoming bits that might be of interest to Destiny fans. Did you get PAX tickets? (They're gone already, so if your answer was 'not yet', it's really 'no' - sorry.) Bungie will be taking over the Paramount Theater all weekend, and you'll be able to join in the fun if you've got a ticket! More immediately, they'll be at E3 this weekend, and you'll be able to play if you're there. There are also standard features: the Destiny Support team has info about missing stats and mis-scored Trials matches, the next Bungie Bounty will be on the PS4, and the movies of the week are entertaining. Go read! (As always, it's in our Weekly Update Archive, if you'd rather read it there.)

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Jun 8, 2017 01:30 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - 06/02/2017

Bungie posted their weekly update yesterday, and if you swing by, it'll give you an idea of what to expect at E3 next week. (Hint: it'll be a lot like the Destiny 2 Reveal recently, except you'll get to see how the Arcstrider looks.) There's also, as usual, notes from the Support team, info about the next Bungie Bounty, and some fun fan vids. Go read! (You can do so locally, in our Weekly Update Archive, if you choose.)

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Jun 3, 2017 10:44 am | link

This Week at Bungie - May 25, 2017

Destiny 2

Even though the gameplay reveal was last week Bungie isn't done dropping news about Destiny 2 yet! In response to the community reactions to the news of no dedicated servers coming to Destiny 2 Bungie has gone into a little more detail about the network architecture they'll be using for Destiny 2. In short: it's more dedicated than it was, but still peer-to-peer. For the full details, the usual talk with DPS, and community videos with Cozmo go check out the update at or check it out in our archives (Thanks to Ragashingo for the heads up, and thanks to Korny for reasons he knows).

TAGS: twab, thab, bwu
Xenos | May 26, 2017 07:57 am | link

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