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This Week At Bungie - 7/5/2018

Yesterday was Thursday, so Bungie let you know how the week had gone (and was going). You can, as usual, read about it all in our own archive, if you choose. Topics included the winner of last week's Faction Rally, the upcoming GuardianCon in Tampa, the ongoing Forsaken coverage in GameInformer, changes to the release schedule of Prestige Raid Lairs, extra goodies for Crucible players this weekend, and the standard features (Destiny Player Support report, along with fan videos). Check it all out!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Jul 6, 2018 05:09 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - 6/28/2018

Yesterday was Thursday, so Bungie posted a news update - and it's worth reading. (You can, of course, read it here, in our Archive, as well.) It contains lots of interesting stuff: there's a post-E3 report from several members of the 'Away Team' that was in LA a couple of weeks ago. There's a preview of some Roadmap updates coming this summer (including, specifically, details about Crucible changes coming with the 1.2.3 update due on July 17). There's a bunch of information about the Prestige variants of both Raid Lairs, also dropping in the July update. There's some fantastic info about changes to Collections coming in Forsaken, in September (and what it means to you NOW). And, of course, there are reports from the Destiny Player Support team, fan-created videos, and Nightfall high scores. All in all, some real meat to sink your teeth into!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Jun 29, 2018 10:42 am | link

Wait, is it Monday already?

Last Thursday, Bungie (as is their custom) posted their weekly update on their website. And we (as is our norm) posted a local copy in our Archive. But I (as is my norm) forgot to mention it to you, our readers, here on the front page. Sorry! If you haven't already, you should go read it - plenty of good stuff, much of it starting tomorrow. Two weeks after the season's first Faction Rally ended, the second one starts! Crazy, right? There's also a summary of some Exotic Armor tweaks coming next month, a heads-up that a bunch of old Halo data on Bungie servers is going away this week, and the standard stuff - Destiny Player Support, videos, Nightfall scores. Go read!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Jun 25, 2018 09:52 am | link

This Week At Bungie - 6/14/2018

A new weekly roundup went live at yesterday (and in our Weekly Update Archive here) - as you might expect, it does a decent job of recapping the reveals from E3, with teases of the new goodness that's coming in September with Forsaken... but there's other stuff, too. As we all know at this point, Dead Orbit won this Faction Rally, but now we have numbers. Iron Banner is making its next return on Tuesday - you've got 7 days of 6v6 Control to continue your progress on Season 3 Ornaments. The third episode of the Warmind comic will drop next Friday (you can catch up at if you missed either of the first 2). You can get information on how to buy a Bungie Pride shirt to support the LGBTQUIA community. And, of course, you can get the latest updates from the Destiny Player Support team and see the week's best fan-created vids. Go read it!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Jun 15, 2018 09:43 am | link

This Week At Bungie - 6/07/2018

Well, yesterday was Thursday, so Bungie posted their Weekly Update - and as you might expect, it focuses a lot on the  recent Forsaken reveal. If you missed it, they've got the new ViDoc, and an archived copy of the livestream reveal discussion. There's also a bullet list if you don't have time for videos. 

There's an updated Roadmap, listing some of the goodies coming in 2.0.0 in September, along with details of the Annual Pass, a new mode of content distribution. There's a recap of the first week of Crucible Labs, and some info on what's coming next. There's the standard report from the Destiny Player Support team, with details about bugs and enhancements. And there are fan-created videos. Go read it - either on, or in our Weekly Update Archive!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Jun 8, 2018 12:42 pm | link

This Week at Bungie - 5/31/2018

The weekly news from Bungie is live on their site (and in our Archive), and while there's plenty to read (including details of stuff that didn't quite work out in the latest patch), the big news is next week's Faction Rally. Not only is it changing from what we're used to, but the rewards are... significant. Go give it a read!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | May 31, 2018 03:42 pm | link

This Week at Bungie - 5/17/2018

As usual, we're running behind in telling you about Bungie's weekly Update from last week (it's been in the local archive since they posted it, but getting a notice here has taken almost a week - sorry). It's absolutely worth the read, if you haven't done so yet. There is information about changes coming on May 29, some answers to common questions about the new Crucible ranking system, info about the Iron Banner we're currently in the middle of, details on the current and near-future status of the Destiny Companion, and standard features (Destiny Player Support comments, fan vids, Bungie Bounty info). Go give it a read! And sorry again it's so late.

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | May 23, 2018 01:16 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - 05/10/2018

This Week At Bungie 5/16/2018
Totally this week at Bungie (humor us), Warmind finally launched!
Apart from some quick info on the new raid lair, you can get a look at some of the new gear that you can earn from Trials of the Nine (and a reminder of the neat ornaments that you can earn by leveling your Valor and Glory ranks).
For those who follow Bungie on Twitch, keep your eyes open for a new stream today, as Bungie will be hopping into Private Matches against members of the Destiny Community Podcast (including a 1v1 between DCP's Popebear, and Bungie's own Dmg04).
As with all new expansions, Destiny Player Support has a laundry list of known issues, and advice on workarounds while they get them sorted. Once you're done locating your favorite bug on the list, enjoy the two highlighted videos, which showcase both impressive skill, and humorous fails. And as always, you can catch the newest update in our local archive.

TAGS: bwu, twab
Korny | May 15, 2018 10:10 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - 5/03/2018

This Week at Bungie was posted yesterday (it WAS Thursday, after all), and it's a collection of goodies that all Destiny players should check out! As the release of Warmind approaches, Bungie is making sure you've got the background you need to properly enjoy it. The update points out new weblore released as a Narrative Preview, the new comic introducing Ana Bray, and the Developer Insights videos they've been releasing, if you missed them. There's a preview of the changes coming in the patch we'll see on Tuesday, a recap of the Exotic changes they've been teasing for a couple of weeks (including one for the D.A.R.C.I. Rifle I hadn't seen before), and a summary of the bigger changes that 1.2.0 will bring. There's also a preview of some changes coming to Eververse, changes that will increase your control over the gear you receive from Eververse. And of course, there are standard features (Destiny Player Support notes, fan-created videos) to round out the offering. As always, you can read it locally, if you choose.

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | May 4, 2018 09:59 am | link

This Week at Bungie - 04/26/2018

Big update this week, with a lot of new info! Read the update to find out how Exotic Masterworks are going to work, exotic weapon updates coming for Tractor Cannon, Hard Light, and Borealis, all the details on the new Crucible ranking systems, and even more! Read it over on or locally!
Xenos | Apr 26, 2018 05:04 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - 04/18/2018

Alright, since Claude doesn't like it when we're late, how's about an early This Week At Bungie this time?

This week, we get a reminder that the changes to Crucible are ongoing (how's the 6v6 treating you? Raga wants to know!), so bear with Bungie as they tweak issues like spawns and bugs that may pop up. Speaking of changes, Senior Designer Jon Weisnewski drops by to show that there's some pretty clear progress (with examples!) of the reworks coming to many of the exotics. If the three showcased weapons are anything to go by, it looks like it'll be way more fun to change up your loadout!

And while you can sprint to your vault to try out the weapon changes soon, Bungie is looking to slow you down in other areas. Senior Designer Daniel Auchenpaugh gives an explanation on what Bungie's plans are for progression in Destiny as a whole, and what players can expect when the game's second expansion (Warmind) drops. The idea, as he explains, is to "bring back meaning and accomplishment to achieving the Power cap". It's a bit of a doozy, so be sure to read it thoroughly before sounding off!

The update is wrapped up with a reminder that Bungie will be having a few prominent community members over at the studio for a sit-down, Destiny Player Support details the changes that came with this week's Iron Banner, and a couple of entertaining montages (unlike Vesper of Radius, Khepri's Horn is no joke!). As always, a local copy will be available for lighter reading (if it's not up yet, blame Claude).

TAGS: bwu, twab
Korny | Apr 18, 2018 03:59 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - 04/12/2018

Yeah, we're late. Again. Blame Korny. (Always blame Korny. It's easier that way.) Anyway... this one's worth reading. If you missed the Destiny 2 Roadmap update earlier this week, it's summarized here. Why should you read it? Well, it announces Warmind, the next expansion, due May 8. (Bungie will be providing more details starting April 24.) It also discusses some season 3 gameplay changes (PvE will be more challenging, in some instances), the Men in Kilts fundraiser (some cool stuff available for folks helping out on this one!), the Gauntlet Tabletop fundraiser (also with the cool stuff!),  next week's 6v6 Iron Banner (YAY), and the standard stuff (Destiny Player Support, fan vids). Check it all out! It's in our Archive, if you'd rather read it there.

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Apr 13, 2018 05:50 pm | link

This Week At Bungie... and a Late-Breaking Story

Okay, big news first: 6v6 Iron Banner has been postponed, due to a late-breaking issue discovered in the studio very recently. Rumble will go live next Tuesday in its place. More details can be found in Cozmo's post on the forums.

With that out of the way, let's get to yesterday's studio update (which, of course, features that upcoming Iron Banner). There's a summary of the recent Mayhem Bungie Bounty, a Q&A with questions sourced from Twitter and answers from Josh Hamrick and Kevin Yanes, a teaser about an upcoming Community Summit, and the normal features - commentary from the Destiny Player Support team, Nightfall scores, fan movies. (The movies are all pretty cool this week.) Go give it a read! As always, in addition to, you can find it in our Weekly Update Archive.

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Apr 6, 2018 12:20 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - 3/29/2018

The Bungie studio update this week looks ahead to the next update, 1.2.0, coming next month. There's a little teaser of some Crucible gameplay with Sturm and Drang... and wow, do they look amazing now! There's also an update coming to the Companion app, a new Bungie Bounty (and a new emblem for successful participants), and the standard features - info from the Support team, info about Nightfall high scores this week, and fan videos. The Calus ramp-up continues - this week, Calus is killed in a single phase, by a 2-man team. I'm inspired! Go read - either on, or in our own archive.

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Mar 29, 2018 05:11 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - 3/22/2018

dmg04 is back with another update for the fans about what's going on in the studio right now - and it looks like it's mostly focused on Update 1.1.4, coming out next Tuesday. Nightfall rewards, competitive upgrades, Banhammer improvements, nad more - go check out the list! Also, I was impressed last week with the clutch Calus takedown by a single player after his teammates died. It's got nothing on this week's version... a full team (minus 1) dies during a PRESTIGE run, the living guy revives a single buddy, then realizes he's got no ammo of any kind. His buddy dies again... and he takes down Calus with a series of melee attacks. I mean... c'mon. Go check out the whole thing! In addition to the copy on, you can find our copy in the Archives here.

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Mar 22, 2018 03:39 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - 3/15/2018

It's Thursday, so it's time for another Weekly summary from Bungie! This week, they're letting you know about the upcoming Faction Rally (kicking off next Tuesday), the end of Season 2 (April 3), some cheating that's happening in the Nightfall high score chase, and some standard features (an update from the Destiny Support team, some fan videos). Check it out! We have a copy as well, of course.

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Mar 15, 2018 03:40 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - 03/08/2018

Yesterday was Thursday, so a new update on the week's progress was posted on - it's a pretty interesting read if you're curious about where Destiny 2 is going in the near future. Update 1.1.4, due in a ccouple of weeks, is laid out for you... and the changes look pretty extensive! There are also details of an update to the Companion App, notes from the Player Support crew, and some player content. (Someone has solo'd the first phase of Argos. I'm impressed.) Go read! It's available in our Archive as well as on

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Mar 9, 2018 11:57 am | link

These weeks at Bungie (end of February-ish)

We're a little behind, but hey - that just gives you more to read! We missed Bungie's update from the 15th (the discussion was about the then-upcoming Rally Faction, and the fact that caps were lifted, along with more discussion of upcoming sandbox changes), and we missed last week's update (which had some updates to the development roadmap unveiled last month, along with emblem update info) - we're getting this posted just in time for Thursday's update THIS week, which we can't tell you about because we haven't read it yet. Go catch up - we just did! (Both weeks are also in our archive - here and here.)
TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Feb 26, 2018 05:16 pm | link

This Week at Bungie - 2/8/2018

Another really solid TWAB this week, focusing on some major changes coming to Nightfalls (especially Prestige Nightfalls) and Raids (especially Prestige Raids).

Nightfalls will soon have new scoring and timing mechanics, as well as strike-specific emblems to track and flaunt your highest scores.  Additionally, Challenge Cards will drop that will allow you to activate certain modifiers and handicaps on Prestige runs that make it more challenging, but also come with score multipliers and promises of more rewarding loot.  The first of theses changes are slated for Update 1.1.3, currently targeted for February 27th, but Bungie promises that theses are only initial offerings that will be tweaked and added to as time goes on and community feedback rolls in.

As for Raid activities, new challenges will be coming to Prestige Raids in the form of curated loadouts.  Each week, one Raid/Raid Lair will be set up with a rotating slate of modifiers and loadout restrictions with the core goals being to "provide new ways to engage with raid content each week, new ways to engage with different weapons in your vault, and new rewards to chase."  These raid changes are being target for May.

I highly recommend you check out the full info-blast either at Bungie's usual place, or here on our local archive.  There really is a lot of substance in this one!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Speedracer513 | Feb 8, 2018 04:16 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - 2/01/2018

It's Thursday, so the summary of Bungie's week is live at (and in our Weekly Update Archive) - swing by to read it! The roadmap they published yesterday on Twitter is in there, if you missed it, along with a substantial update from Sandbox Design Lead Josh Hamrick (some interesting tidbits in there, and some very welcome news for charging Titans), details about the recent update and known issues arising from it via the Destiny Player Support team,  and a pair of fun vids. Go give it a few minutes!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Feb 1, 2018 02:58 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - 01/25/2018

For the update this week Bungie has included a ton of great info about the update coming next week. Included is the dates and loot coming for Iron Banner (starting January 30th), the fine details about Masterworks Armor, the rework of the Raid rewards system (including one new exotic Ghost shell), and the smaller fixes and tweaks coming in the patch itself. In addition make sure to read Tyson Green's details on why deleting shaders hasn't been improved yet, including their plans to rework the entire shader system to make it more friendly. And to finish it off the Movie of the Week is a lightning fast Argos kill. Check it out! (Local copy will be here)

TAGS: bwu, thab, twab
Xenos | Jan 25, 2018 03:39 pm | link

This Week At Bungie - 01/11/2018

Faction Rally

The first update of the year is somewhat brief, as Cozmo is busy wiping the cobwebs from his desk (welcome back!). The big news is the Development Update that we spoke about earlier today, where you can get a decent head's up on what's to come to the world of Destiny 2 in the coming months. Faction Rally is set to return next week, with all three factions offering an Auto Rifle (and some new duds) as a reward for your loyalty, though Destiny Player Support informs us that the game will be down for maintenance from 8-12pm on Tuesday in order to make it all happen.
Cozmo wraps it all up with four Movies of the Week, including a wonderful piano arrangement of "Journey", by Lady Desiree. Give it a read over at Bungie's site, or check the local copy available here.

TAGS: bwu, twab
Korny | Jan 12, 2018 11:13 am | link

This Week At Bungie - 12/14/2017

Droppin' a Hunter off at the pool.

This week was a busy one for Bungie, with a notable update having been released earlier this week, and some important info on a misstep and the work being done to correct it.

And while it's the final update of the year, the world of Destiny 2 is by no means slowing down, with The Dawning (and a new Osiris-themed webcomic) on the way next week, which looks like it'll be a ton of fun! Destiny Player Support never rests either, with a list of this week's known issues, and a reminder that while most of the folks at Bungie will be away for the holidays, there are a number of ways that you can still make your voice heard!

Capping things off, the MoTW's are all about wordless expressions (possibly in honor of the all-deaf team that managed to conquer the new Raid Lair?), and we are left with a reminder that the updates to the game will continue early into the new year. Check it out over at Bungie's site, or feel free to read the local copy available here, then get ready to throw some snowballs on Tuesday!

TAGS: bwu, twab
Korny | Dec 14, 2017 09:57 am | link

This Week At Bungie - 12/07/2017

Yesterday, Bungie posted another update about Destiny 2 - the week was unsurprisingly dominated by the launch of Curse of Osiris. If you missed the trailer, it's included. If you need info on the launch of the Raid Lair, it's included. If you're curious about the next Faction Rally, which launches next Tuesday, it's included. If you're wondering about balance tweaks, a discussion is included. If you want to know how Bungie handles feedback, it's included. It should go without saying that the standard features - help from the Support team, and fan-created vids - are included. Go read! We've got it in our Weekly Update Archive, if you need it.

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Dec 8, 2017 05:08 pm | link

This Week at Bungie - 11/30/2017

dmg04 posted the most recent Bungie Weekly Update yesterday (Cozmo's still out on paternity leave) - swing by to catch up. There are links to Wednesday's blog update and podcast, if you missed those. There is a preview of the armor and weapons dropping with Curse of Osiris on Tuesday. There's a pre-flight check from Destiny Player Support, so you're ready to play CoO as soon as it's out. And there are a couple of impressive fan vids for your enjoyment. Go read! (It's also in our Weekly Update Archive, if you'd rather.)

TAGS: bwu, twab
Claude Errera | Dec 1, 2017 12:28 pm | link

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