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Breaking Down the Elements

DattoDoesDestiny has always been good at digesting new Destiny info, and helping the rest of us make sense of it all. His analysis of elemental weapon damage is no exception - even Bungie was impressed! Give it a watch, and you'll have a much better grasp on Solar, Arc, and Void damage.

Claude Errera | Aug 8, 2014 01:59 pm | link

Digital Foundry's Beta Hands-On

digitalfoundry.jpgEurogamer's Digital Foundry got down and dirty with the Destiny Beta (using a PS4), and has written up their findings. Their biggest complaint is some judder sensation to lateral camera movement... but according to urk, that might even get fixed before the Beta ends! (Maybe.) Thanks, DaDerga (and uberfoop).

Claude Errera | Jul 19, 2014 11:09 pm | link

How big will Destiny be?

venturebeat.pngGamesBeat has word of a new report from Cowen Research - based on their analysis, they believe that Destiny could be the biggest game of 2014. (Dean Takahashi, the writer for GamesBeat, was surprised at this prediction - he was pretty unimpressed by what he saw at E3 this year.) Thanks to electricpirate for the heads-up.

Claude Errera | Jun 29, 2014 10:24 pm | link

Anger, Sadness, and Envy Destiny Special: Strike

The last segment of the Anger, Sadness, and Envy Special Look at the Destiny Alpha went live today - narcogen let us know that's coverage of the Alpha Strike is up. Check it!

Claude Errera | Jun 20, 2014 09:03 pm | link

Anger, Sadness, and Envy Destiny Special: Multiplayer

Narcogen, Blackstar, and Cody Miller continue their look at the Destiny Alpha with Anger, Sadness and Envy Special: Destiny Alpha Part 5, focusing on The Crucible. Discussion revolves around how the various features of Destiny's multiplayer affect your actual gameplay experience. Go watch!

Claude Errera | Jun 19, 2014 03:09 pm | link

Anger, Sadness, and Envy Destiny Special: Exploration

Narcogen, Blackstar, and Cody Miller got back together for another segment of the Anger, Sadness, and Envy take on the Destiny Alpha; this time, it's a discussion of the Alpha's Exploration mode. Optimism and pessimism, all mixed into the same discussion! Go listen.

Claude Errera | Jun 18, 2014 06:06 pm | link

Anger, Sadness, and Envy Special: Destiny Alpha

Over at, the latest episode of Anger, Sadness, and Envy focuses on the Destiny Alpha; Cody Miller describes what he experienced, and answers questions for Narcogen and Blackstar. It's pretty interesting how much trouble he has getting his point across sometimes... it really does seem like it's hard to grok what Destiny brings to the table without actually playing it.

Claude Errera | Jun 17, 2014 04:36 pm | link

Attention to Detail, Polished Combat

eurogamer.pngEurogamer's Digital Foundry posted an extensive tech analysis of the Destiny Alpha - frame rate monitoring, graphics detail, a look at some of the background stuff... it's a great read. Check it out! Thanks, DaDerga.

Claude Errera | Jun 16, 2014 06:35 pm | link

Bungie's Date with Destiny

eurogamer.pngEurogamer has released another Destiny article - but this one looks more at the studio behind the game than at the game itself. It's a pretty interesting read, covering ground not really covered before. Bungie has been on its own before (in the 90s), and it's been wholly owned by a much bigger fish (when it was a Microsoft subsidiary), and it's now somewhere in the middle; it's beholden to Activision (simply by dint of the huge amount of cash poured into the studio from Activision coffers), but it's still its own company, capable of making decisions it couldn't make while part of Microsoft. Eurogamer tried to get a handle on how this is working - go give it a read! Credit, almost inevitably these days, goes to Xenos for the find.

Claude Errera | May 2, 2014 09:55 pm | link


DattoDoesDestiny took a pretty careful look at the Devil's Lair video released on Monday - it's nearly a guarantee that if you watch it, you'll learn something you didn't know before. So go watch it!

Claude Errera | Apr 30, 2014 03:53 pm | link

Destiny Updates Goes Lunatic

Destiny Updates has taken his time with The Moon trailer from earlier this month, and it paid off. I learned a few things, that's for sure.

Thanks for posting it on on our forums, Mr. Updates.

Leviathan | Oct 17, 2013 03:00 pm | link

New Footage Breakdown

aPolishKorean did his own analysis of the Community Thank You video Bungie released on Wednesday - he gets credit for a super-fast turnaround, and there are a number of tidbits he noticed that you may have missed. Go watch!

Claude Errera | Sep 6, 2013 02:52 pm | link

Destiny Updates Takes a Gander at the Thank You Vid

Destiny Updates continues their in-depth analysis with their microscope aimed at yesterday's Community Thank You video. Teleporting, energy knives, and more insanity. I feel like we've seen more of how Destiny really plays in yesterday's quick glimpse than ever before.

Leviathan | Sep 5, 2013 08:55 pm | link

Looking Into the Wild

The recently-released Bungie ViDoc, Out Here in the Wild, has been pored over carefully by a couple of different sites - devoted episode 54 of its Anger, Sadness, and Envy podcast to the task, while Destiny Updates spent nearly half an hour looking at every detail. Watch 'em both!

Claude Errera | Aug 26, 2013 08:17 pm | link

Stepping through, frame by frame

rul_logo.pngGreenskull, from ReadyUpLive, has already released an analysis video of the Out Here in the Wild ViDoc - watch it to see if you've missed anything!

Claude Errera | Aug 22, 2013 10:28 pm | link

Uncovering the Past

boushh.pngRagashingo decided to do a frame by frame analysis of the Destiny E3 demo - he provides a great deal of interesting speculation regarding story and gameplay. Join in on the conversation!

colindosaj | Jul 6, 2013 04:41 am | link

Digital Foundry Hammers on Destiny

eurogamer.pngEurogamer's Digital Foundry ran the Destiny E3 demo through their standard framerate test, and found that "even at this early, pre-production phase, overall performance is tight." Beyond just the framerate, though, they liked what they saw - go read the whole review! Thanks, broony.

Claude Errera | Jul 2, 2013 01:17 pm | link

Destiny Updates: E3 Trailer Analysis

Destiny Updates stopped by our forum to announce his analysis of the E3 Gameplay Trailer - he walks through the trailer and points out all sorts of details you may have missed (I know I certainly missed a few). Go watch - and see what speculation inspires YOUR imagination!

Claude Errera | Jun 23, 2013 06:39 am | link

Digital Foundry Frame-Rate Test

Digitial Foundry posted a video analysis of the Destiny E3 gameplay demo - looks like the game is running at a locked 30fps. That's pretty impressive considering the scale of the game.

colindosaj | Jun 20, 2013 03:16 pm | link

TTL Tuesday -- Keepin' It Classy

ttl.pngTTL Demag0gue told us about an article at Tied the Leader wherein gunslingers share their thoughts about Destiny's character classes. Go read it!

Claude Errera | Jun 18, 2013 11:44 am | link

Breaking Down the Clues

Destiny Updates stopped in to announce an analysis of the Destiny weapon/armor information screens, as shown at E3. Pretty nice rundown - check it out, you may have missed some of this!

Claude Errera | Jun 18, 2013 11:41 am | link

DestinyHub breaks down the demo

DestinyHub Analysis

The folks over at DestinyHub have posted a fantastic scene-by-scene analysis of the E3 demo that points out a lot of interesting details and provides some thought-provoking speculation. It's a lengthy article with a ton of screengrabs; give it a read!

TAGS: analysis
ncsuDuncan | Jun 16, 2013 08:26 pm | link

Strong and Safe

TTL Demag0gue took an overarching look at the Law of the Jungle trailer, and shared his thoughts, written from a storyteller's perspective. Swing by Destiny Guardian to read them!

TAGS: fan, analysis
Claude Errera | May 31, 2013 01:19 pm | link

Destiny Updates analyzes LotJ

destinyupdates.jpgDestiny Updates walked through the Law of the Jungle video a couple of days ago, and touched on pretty much every detail he could find. Go give it a watch - you might see something you missed when you watched the trailer, or you might learn a new interpretation you hadn't considered! Solid piece of work.

Claude Errera | May 26, 2013 05:38 am | link

Destiny PS4 Announcement, Frame by Frame

Over at DestinyHub, Con took a really, really, REALLY close look at the PS4 announce video - go see what you missed. Screenshot central. Thanks, Hedge.

TAGS: ps4, fan, analysis
Claude Errera | Feb 21, 2013 06:00 pm | link

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