How are you doing? (Off-Topic)

by Claude Errera @, Friday, March 27, 2020, 11:22 (547 days ago) @ Revenant1988

Hey, Rev! Long time. Miss you guys!

We're all healthy. Life isn't that different than it was before this all started... with the exception of social gathering at night (and that actually turns out to matter).

No trivia nights. No plays. No talks at Town Hall (we volunteer there, so we end up seeing a half-dozen talks a month there, in normal times).

No Thursday night dinners with Nico.

No Sunday night movie nights.

We talked about 'remote watching', where everyone watches the show at the same time, but in their own home. We rejected that pretty quickly. I mean, 80% of the fun of watching stuff with other people is the other people.

Becky is busier than she's ever been; her work went from routine to crazy when this got bad. (She works for a bail fund - they're now totally focused on getting as many people out of pre-trial incarceration as possible, because jails are just incubators these days. You shouldn't be forced to be sick - or die - because you don't have money to bail yourself out.) She's being pretty careful, though - it's sort of amazing to see the new routine. She comes back inside, everything she wears goes right into the wash. Everything gets wiped down - the car (which I'm rarely in any more) smells like bleach all the time.

I think once we come out the other side of this thing, maybe the best part is gonna be that everyone will be in the habit of washing their hands. I told someone yesterday, I've probably washed my hands more in the past 3 weeks than in the previous 25 years.

Costco is STILL out of toilet paper. America, you're stupid.

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