How am I doing? (Off-Topic)

by Revenant1988 ⌂ @, How do I forum?, Monday, March 30, 2020, 15:48 (536 days ago) @ Revenant1988

Guess I didn't think to ask myself these things..... but hey, why not now?

So. COVID-19.

How are you?

Rev is OK. Not much is different and day-to-day the only things are aren't 'normal' for me is that I wake up 5 minutes before my shift and login for work, and I can't go to the gym after which reallly is the only thing I miss right now.

We've been trying to buy a house and had a couple in early march fall through that would have been perfect LAN houses (which is the only reason I would want a house lol) but just didn't get them. Now the market is in this weird holding pattern.... hopeful that we'll find something when things stabilize and the market is less shy.

Are you stuck at home?

Mostly. I can do all my work from home. I have been out a couple of times to check things in the data center (temperatures, security etc) but beyond that I only go to get groceries or if the weather is nice, a motorcycle ride around country roads.

Are you working?

Yes, thankfully. I'm an IT guy and I work for state government so my job is more or less ensured right now and I'm considered 'essential' being the sole firewall admin for my agency (yay?) so as long as we're providing service to citizens, I have a job. I know many others do not, so even though I'm stressed from suddenly having to get all 1000 employees on VPN in like, a day, I have a paycheck and somehow am saving money in all this. I'm thankful. It could be so much worse, very easily.

Do you have ways to be social or keep monotony at bay? Still Raiding?

I am my own best friend.
A social interaction camel, you might say.

I still have projects I can work in my downtime that don't require going anywhere. I even squeezed in time for gaming which I have not done for months.

Do you need to vent?

I'm tired. For the past YEAR (professionally) I've been working on crisis after crisis, fought fire after fire, and in February completed a HUGE project that was looming all last year. I was ready for a break, and then this stuff happened and mentally, I just was not ready. Checked out. But I made it happen and did what was required. Professionally I'm just burned out. Overtime means nothing to me. Comp time is worthless because at this rate, I'll never get to take it lol.

I'm sick of people and politicians who didn't take this seriously. I'm sick of huge corporations and banks whining that they can't survive without help, knowing how many people need actual help. I'm irritated that the best our Federal Government could think to do is cut people a $1200 dollar check, like that is going to help. It is going to take MORE, and needs spread out over time. I'm sick of dipshit conspiracy theorists. I'm sick of idiot anti-vaxers. We're in this together folks, remember that.

I'm bummed that one causality in all of this is that my community Makerspace (think of like a gym, but instead it has a woodshop, laser cutters, welding, 3d printing etc) is closed and we've been notified is probably not going to survive after this is all done. While I'm not social much, this is one thing I DO have in terms of community and if it dies, I'll be really sad. I'm hopeful they'll survive or it will be replaced but not optimistic.

Do you need anything?

Not really. Just need to keep being active when can. A home workout is better than no workout. Also need to keep up the work\home balance (so far so good!)

Are you ok?


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