How are you doing? (Off-Topic)

by Blackt1g3r @, Login is from an untrusted domain in MN, Thursday, April 02, 2020, 09:33 (533 days ago) @ Revenant1988

Hey friends!

Been a little bit, but I still check the forums from time to time even though I don't play.

Got to play though Doom Eternal (enjoyed it!), probably the first gaming I've gotten to do in probably 6 months. It really was some sorely needed self-care, honestly.

So. COVID-19.

How are you?
Are you stuck at home?
Are you working?
Do you have ways to be social or keep monotony at bay? Still Raiding?
Do you need to vent?
Do you need anything?
Are you ok?

Sound off. Let your friends know how you're doing. People care about ya!

My wife has Asthma so we just started self-quarantining as soon as we realized what might happen. Fortunately we don't have many cases up here yet, but our goal is not to leave the house for as long as possible. That means cooking from the pantry as much as possible. Realistically we don't go out that much so not that much has really changed for us.

I haven't felt a desire to load up Destiny except maybe to play with some of you folks, but so far I've been able to play other games with people from here (Apex Legends, MCC). Keep safe everyone!

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