Absolutely. (Destiny)

by MacAddictXIV @, Seattle WA, Friday, August 21, 2020, 08:47 (34 days ago) @ Morpheus

But multiplayer maps are small contained areas with no additional loading spots—mere megabytes. The gametypes themselves? Kilobytes, if not bytes.

This is just... not correct. What do loading spots have anything to do with size of a file? That's just a coordinate on the map. A gametype is probably a bit bigger. A class that holds all the information, probably a bit bigger, but without a proper map to play it on the game type is useless. Also, as it was mentioned no one likes it.

But to compare a Multiplayer map vs a planet is not based strictly on size. It is based on assets and the quality of those assets. Planets are going to have a lot of repetitve lower quality assets. Higher quality assets as well but only in areas that are mission important I bet. Multiplayer maps have a lot of detail crammed in to a smaller map compared to PvE maps.

So to just roughly compare things like that is just not right. You have no idea the quantity and size of those assets.

I know pretty darn well you're not shaving off an arm or a leg with that size of data. And then Gambit—removing half the maps (and two of the only three gametypes) so that there's only four maps for three years?



I'm not saying it's right on a gameplay perspective, but don't just throw out numbers and say that it's all smoke and mirrors based on size.

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