THAB—Content Vault Edition (Destiny)

by MacAddictXIV @, Seattle WA, Monday, August 24, 2020, 12:26 (34 days ago) @ ManKitten

As for "letting players just play the things they enjoy" I have always thougt of this as silly statement. I feel like every player enjoys some content of Destiny. And if that statement is true, then the above statement is true. If you are so disappointed by the gear you get from something that you can't enjoy the actual game play... I honestly feel sorry for you. I've always enjoyed playing Destiny first, loot second. I'm also very much a social gamer though, so I can imagine how that might change while playing solo. But I also play Destiny when new content comes out and then I finish it and I'm done.

I guess I'm just in the minority.

I think you're not accounting for the psychological effect the game creates. It has a literal reward system of tangible (in the digital realm) items. As soon as that happens, the players focus is immediately changed. How many people have played the same raid dozens of times just to play it. And how many have played it dozens of times because they don't have 1K Voices yet? Once they got it, how many times did they play it after?

::raises hand::

I raid with friends well after I've gotten the golden exotic.

Just from reading the forum and listening to a couple Destiny podcasts, it seems like the repetitive player wants that one piece of gear.

Yes, you can still have fun playing the game...but what keeps bringing you back? The stuff. Gaining light level. That catalyst that requires 5,000 mundane tasks. The game can absolutely be fun but the chase of the next piece of loot and gratification is addictive. And when that becomes the basis of the game (and in my opinion, it has) the fun of the game is gone.

I play primarily for new content, not new gear. And I'll restate that if I am going specifically for a piece of gear, I will not play the content if I'm not having fun. There have been exceptions to that if it's quick.

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