Not entirely true (Destiny)

by Vortech @, A Fourth Wheel, Tuesday, August 25, 2020, 12:10 (33 days ago) @ cheapLEY

Oh, I know that. I even asked about specifically here not too long ago. But the activity says 1040, so that’s the point where I would actually considered my grinding safely “finished.”

I will take you up on that sometime before the season ends, though.

Yesterday I went to Best Buy to pick something up. I wore my Seventh Column shirt, and the guy at the door noticed and we talked Destiny for twenty or thirty minutes before I actually went in to get what I needed. It was great, and it really got me in the mood to play Destiny. That’s sort of where my renewed disappointment comes from—I logged in last night only to be treated with a new list of chores that didn’t seem like any fun. Zavala had a new quest to prepare for the Arrival. Cool! Only I talked to Sloane and she wanted me to do some Patrols and kill 150 Hive or whatever. Like, seriously? Is this really what they have to offer? That or grinding out far too many objectives just like that for Solstice armor? It’s so disheartening, and the entire game is designed like that right now. It’s just a bummer.

See, this is the point where I feel like I can agree with you. There's way too many kill N _enemy_var parts of quests. It's not a goal that I enjoy, and it NEVER makes sense from a lore perspective. (At least with the masterwork/catalyst is's relevant and something I view as something to be don'e almost accidentally, or at least in parallel.) The "collect drops from this enemy type" kinda fix the story problem, but it's still just a patrol beacon dressed up in dad's quest suit.

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