THAB—Content Vault Edition (Destiny)

by Vortech @, A Fourth Wheel, Tuesday, August 25, 2020, 11:57 (33 days ago) @ ManKitten

I kinda agree with this, which is partly why I play a season behind. I miss nothing and the level cap doesn't really affect me. I also just don't play nearly as much recently because it turns out being a dad takes a lot of your time. I resort to games that are quick and easy fun that take no commitment.

But that is also just my life right now. If I didn't have that drawback I would totally be back into Destiny.

DBO needs subclans:

DBO Outriders - for the charge leading front liners
DBO Slackers - for the slow-go progression players that are always a few steps behind

This may be the worse idea ever posted on this board. The fact that there are both is the entire point of a clan. Having both together is how you bridge that problem of needing to level up "enough" to do stuff that is being discussed. Having both together extends the life of content because people have a reason to go back even if they have the gear it gives - to help others.

I think the people who only ever play with their regular group are effectively removing that value of the clan. I mean, time is limited and people should get the fun out of their play time that they want, so what can you do? Despite what this is going to sound like, I don't morally judge them, but there's a bunch of people who mostly ever seem to play with each other while appearing offline, and I kinda wonder what's the point of being in the clan to them — and vice versus. Guess I'll take their Hawthorn Engrams… :)

I've long wanted Destiny to add tools to make it easier to match with classmates in the moment. Just busting into an existing group seems rude. I assume that's part of why people appear offline so much. and if a bunch of people are playing solo, how are we to know if they are doing that out of preference? There should just be some little flag you can flip on in the director for "happy to group up" or "need help with this" that's only seen by your Clan. Guided games was a failure; make this instead.

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