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by ManKitten ⌂, The Stugotz is strong in me., Monday, August 24, 2020, 10:58 (34 days ago) @ cheapLEY

That sort of proves his point a bit.

No one runs Menagerie anymore because it’s not relevant anymore for the investment side of the game. No matter how fun an activity is, most people won’t play it if it’s not giving out current gear. If the investment side of the game wasn’t there (or even if it was more forgiving and old activities didn’t cap out and always gave current or Powerful gear), that wouldn’t be the case. Bungie uses the investment system to drive players to new activities, instead of focusing on just making fun activities or letting players just play the things they enjoy.

The focus of the game is no longer "to have fun." The goal is "get the best gear" and when we get that gratification, our brain tricks into thinking it's fun. Getting the reward is fun...how we got it has taken a back seat.

I played some Crucible a couple weeks ago with some fellow forum goers. We did Iron Banner. I was light level 1000. I got destroyed. Someone asked me why I "quit" playing Destiny, and my answer was, I didn't quit, the game just outpaced me.

Crucible has never been fun for me. I do enjoy strikes, missions, open roaming and other light lifting activities. But my character is now so weak, those things are all I can do. And while it's relaxing, it's not "fun". And there really is no way for me to rank up my character unless I grind which is very "not fun"

The focus of the game is no longer "to have fun." The concept of [paraphrase] "make 30 seconds of fun, then do it again" is waaaaay far off in the rear view mirror.

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