THAB—Content Vault Edition (Destiny)

by ManKitten ⌂, The Stugotz is strong in me., Monday, August 24, 2020, 13:38 (31 days ago) @ cheapLEY

My other counterpoint is “who cares?” Let people play what they want. Bungie thinks that getting to max level is the game, whereas I think the actual game I want to play only starts when I’m finally there, and everything preceding that is basically just forced bullshit.

Just from my perspective:

I've never hit max level. My usual play style is, I would finally get powerful enough in season (3) to play the stuff in season (1). So I would always be months behind everyone else when it came to my capabilities. And it was hard to play with other people because, they've all moved on to stuff I'm not strong enough to play and they don't want to play old activities because it wasn't worth their time. So I just lone wolf it and gradually do my quests in a peaceful manner. But even that is becoming rough, hence I say the game outpaced me.

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