I wonder this, too, for both platforms. (Destiny)

by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Tuesday, June 16, 2015, 02:27 (3323 days ago) @ CougRon

I pre-ordered Destiny for my Xbox One on disc. Shortly after or at the time of release they announced that the Digital edition for xbox360 would have a free upgrade to the digital edition for the xboxOne. I know now I'd really like that digital edition but didn't want to have to pay for both the game and the expansion passes twice. But the new Digital Collectors edition has me intrigued with some of the extra content. Not sure if it's workth repaying the extra $40 it nets to but I may be willing to swallow the cost to go all digital on this.

Does anyone know, if I buy the Digital version for the 360 will I still be getting the free upgrade to the xboxone, both the game and the dlc.

Also, related question. I have friends who only play on the 360. If I buy the digital version, will I be able to play the digital 360 version on the xboxone's new backwards compatibility or will the xboxone only allow me to play the xboxone version? theoretically one could play against other 360 players through a backwardscompatible version on the One but I think Bungie/Activision will have to allow the 360 to play on it and they may not if there is a One edition.

Depends on Bungie. They have to decide to support that. If you own both versions and they do decide to support backward compatibility, then you can play either one, but the question at hand is how many copies of Taken King do you need to play both?

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