Wow (Destiny)

by General Vagueness @, The Vault of Sass, Thursday, June 18, 2015, 23:47 (3224 days ago) @ car15
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Holy shit, cry me a river.

I'm not "stepping on people's hopes" intentionally. You're free to hope as much as you like.

What about the other day when you posted "Don't get your hopes up" and "Don't do this to yourselves"? This has the same tone and seems like it has the same message.

As for what Bungie said, I don't know what you're trying to say. They haven't said anything definitive about this.

No, but they showed Guardians on a platform in a flat debris field with a banded planet behind it. Presuming we're staying in our own solar system, it's one of the gas giants, and Saturn is the one everyone thinks of as the ringed planet (and the one fans have been wanting the most because someone foolishly mentioned it in a vidoc one time).

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