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by car15, Friday, June 19, 2015, 03:46 (3231 days ago) @ General Vagueness

What about the other day when you posted "Don't get your hopes up" and "Don't do this to yourselves"? This has the same tone and seems like it has the same message.

Cynicism =/= stepping on people's hopes. I was highlighting the fact that people were getting excited about something that has not actually been confirmed, which has happened before with this game and has never turned out well.

Come on, man. Please cut me a little slack here? It is not my intention to spoil anyone's fun here. I'm just trying to be realistic. Historically, building grandiose expectations of upcoming content in this game has only led to disappointment.

Hell, even if I were stepping on your hopes, so what? Y'all have it easy here. Try being a Halo fan on HBO these days.

No, but they showed Guardians on a platform in a flat debris field with a banded planet behind it. Presuming we're staying in our own solar system, it's one of the gas giants, and Saturn is the one everyone thinks of as the ringed planet (and the one fans have been wanting the most because someone foolishly mentioned it in a vidoc one time).

True, but is it a new explorable area or just the location for a Raid?

I think when people hear the words "go to Saturn", they envision being able to actually run patrols there (or the ship, or whatever the case may be). They want to see it in the Director. They want to be able to explore the terrain.

When Mercury turned out to be a single multiplayer map in the retail game, I think more than a few people were a little confused. There's nothing inherently wrong with that design choice, of course, and given Destiny's fiction it wouldn't make much sense for Mercury to be a hot-spot of activity, but people allowed their expectations to shape their vision of what Destiny was going to be, and when it didn't turn out that way, they couldn't understand what had happened.

I'm calling it now. If Saturn (or the ship, or whatever the case may be) is not a fully explorable "fifth destination", people are going to bitch about it, and it will be entirely because of the expectations that they had formed for what it could have been. "I thought this was supposed to be an expansion." "I didn't pay $40 for this paltry crap." Et cetera...

(Activision's marketing is partly to blame for encouraging players to form these lofty expectations, IMO, but that's a whole different can of worms that we won't be addressing here.)

I'm not saying that Saturn won't be a "fifth destination". I don't know. None of us know. And that's the point. I was only trying to highlight that Bungie hasn't said anything definitive one way or the other, and that forming expectations is probably unwise, especially given this game's track record.

Okay? Is that clear enough for you? Can we please desist with the "car15 villain" shit?

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