Seriously! (Destiny)

by Leviathan ⌂, Hotel Zanzibar, Tuesday, June 16, 2015, 03:40 (3174 days ago) @ car15

I appreciate your civility, and I never ignore what other people have to say. You made some valid points and, although I don't think I should have to rein in my cynicism, I should try to balance it out with the positive things that I have to say, which are quite abundant.

Sounds good. :)

When I say 'cynicism' I mean pessimism without cause or use, in reference to our exchange in the other thread. From my point of view it was like having a good cup of tea (seeing the Destiny trailer on Twitter) and then walking to my car (DBO forum) while I'm humming and excited about the day (The Taken King). Then someone randomly drives by and yells out their window, "Don't get your hopes up!!!" :)

My mood is zapped a bit and it doesn't give anybody any constructive criticism. And as soon as I shake it off and say, "Naw, everything's cool, the tea's still hot", the car drives back by and yells something again.

(...And I swear to god I just realized your username is car15 and I'm using a car to stand in for you, hah. That was not intentional! :D)

Anyway, this probably isn't what you intended when you wrote those little posts (and this long analogy is making a bigger deal out of them then they were - sorry, I'm just terrible at explaining myself without rambles and tangents, ahem...), but that's the kind of posts I call 'cynical' and peeve me. Your ultimate post gave me a more balanced view, more to work with, and where you're coming from. If that had been your first response, the analogy would have been something like: then a car came by, stopped, and the driver said, "It rained yesterday so it may rain today, you may need an umbrella, I'm bringing mine." Then I could have just shrugged or have said "I'm cool, I got a good feeling about this." Then we might realize we both like Futurama and have a good time, whether it rains or not! :)

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