Seriously! (Destiny)

by Miguel Chavez, Tuesday, June 16, 2015, 13:06 (3178 days ago) @ car15

Thanks, Miguel. It was necessary and mature of you to say that.

I've seen your like in many forms over the last two decades or so. What is always unique is that you never change. So why bother to pretend otherwise? You bring nothing new to the table.

Just seems ridiculous to me to offer a collector's edition for a game that was released in September of last year. Why wait until now to do that? It's double dipping and it stinks of Activision cash grab business tactics.

Who's forcing you to buy that? Oh, that's right. No one.

I know that many people here will disagree about that, but there's no need to make it personal.

Dude, that's *my* super… You all hide behind anonymity and fake personas… either good or bad. Try to make it all analytical and 'just my opinion' bullshit… I yank you back to your 'person' attached to your 'words' You want to 'wake from your slumber' after all these months to bring your negative shit back to the forum? That's fine, and my interest in the forum here is like an ebb and flow, but you happened to drop when my interest here is high, so take what you get. i'll leave it to Claude and Levi to bring reasoned discourse when talking to numbskulls like you, but people who really know me know that I'm the nicest guy in the world, unless I think you're being an "unsubstantiated" dick, and then you get my dander up. It's the one thing that annoys me to no end.

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