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All of this sounds really good...
Very nearly every single thing Bungie has done with Hunters so far, I've loved, or I've said "that is me, that is exactly how I like to play/who I am". In all the Grimoire fiction and descriptions, all the names and descriptions of Hunter gear, all the little ancillary descriptions and snippets that showed up before or outside of the game or in other classes' stuff, there's maybe two or three things that I don't 100% agree with. Almost all the abilities and perks I like, and I usually like them better than what I've tried of the Warlock and Titan options. They got me pegged.

One of the things I most wanted out of Destiny was a bow. I wanted it as a regular-ish weapon so I could use it all the time, but a super is alright too, it's flashier and the anticipation will make it sweeter and presumably it has cool effects. I see Titans get a flaming hammer, which is also really cool and would've been nice for Hunters, but it's no bow. A bow is elegant. A bow is simple. A bow, like a knife, is very, very quiet. I find out they're going to be giving this to me, and I'm glad they're still dialed in and I'm getting what I wanted... and then I find out it doesn't kill people.

What the fuck?

The funny thing is, in the little comic that goes with the Nightstalker description page on their site, I agree with the other two Hunters-- not about the bow obviously, bows are cool and if you disagree you have no business wearing a cloak-- but being a team player is really not a substantial part of the Hunter ethos, even if it is useful. The description for the class says the super might seem merciful compared to other subclasses. I'm inclined to agree, it doesn't seem that useful unless you're against a bunch of enemies that are relatively weak, which is a pretty constrained use case for Destiny. They know the reaction, and they did this anyway, and I can't figure out why.

I know, I'm complaining about getting something free (at least, I think it is, it really should be free), but they literally are giving me something from the top of my wish list and then twisting it so I don't want it any more. It's like being given chocolate chip cookies and then finding out they're actually oatmeal raisin cookies. ("Thanks for the gift, my dog will love these.") It even goes against some of their other stuff-- there's some common Hunter gear, and some Warlock gear and probably Titan gear, that tells you what your role is. The Hunter gear (gauntlets) says "Your job on the fireteam is to answer the question 'Can we kill that thing?' Make sure the answer is always yes." What am I supposed to do with that? I took that to heart, and to look at how Hunters are outside of this you would think Bungie had too, but then there's this that doesn't kill anything. I can only imagine if it was real life, and you were recruiting Hunters for a trip into the Vault of Glass or something, and you got that guy. "You're a Hunter, why can't you kill anything?" "I'm, I'm a Nightstalker, I don't really... kill things, so much." "Well thanks Batman, now we're all going to be dead, permanently."

I don't know, maybe some of the perks/upgrades or some combination of them make the super worthwhile. The subclass as a whole is a bigger question and concern. The smoke thing is kind of cool I guess but Titans already have blinding and suppression grenades and Bladedancer Hunters already have invisibility. The voidwall grenade doesn't sound too useful either. Shadestep I'd need to see in action, but it's hard to think it'll be a game-changer. It seems to me if anything the invisibility perks and blink jump should've been on the Nightstalkers, the throwing knife ability and perks should've been on the Bladedancers, and the blink strike melee and most of its perks should've been on Gunslingers.

Bungie, please tell me I'm worrying and griping over nothing, and this will actually be fun and fit with Hunters instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

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