Do YOU enjoy playing the Crucible alone? (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Monday, August 29, 2016, 16:49 (2822 days ago) @ unoudid

This is a minor complaint wrapped in an honest question about the current state of the crucible.

This question comes from the fact that I remember playing crucible lone wolf in year one and actually having a great time. Games felt fair overall even though the advantage was always to a coordinated team.

I played quite a bit of matchmaking this weekend both on teams and running solo. What really stuck out to me was the fact that when I ran with a team I tended to have very fair matches overall. Of course there were a few times when we got completely smashed. One time we got matched against a team of 3 in salvage/skirmish where the best person was a top 100 player on and no matter what I did I could not kill them.

Things changed though when I ran solo. It seemed that I would get dropped into matches where the players on the other teams were all vastly better than me. This happened enough the point where I was so frustrated that I was about to launch a controller through my monitor. At that point I turned the xbox off for awhile and took a break.

Now the real question comes into how does Bungie balance between playing in groups and playing solo?

For example, If I have an ELO of 1100 but typically run in groups where people are ELO 1300+, when I go play solo, does that run of playing with great players affect my matchmaking when running alone? Basically, if you are getting carried, does that screw you over?

It seems that once year 2 SBMM came along that nearly all matches have turned into a complete sweatfest. I actually miss the days of ranked and unranked matches in Halo. At least I knew what I was getting into when playing in the ranked lobbies.

Also, join in progress still sucks when playing solo. There's nothing like getting dropped into 6 straight losing matches when trying to play 3v3 playlists to work on grimoire.

I find that the balance is still (mostly) better when I'm alone. I certainly get dropped into losing games - but a significant percentage of the time, I can actually turn that around for my team. (My win percentage is actually higher solo than it is as a team.) When I have specific win bounties, especially in 3-man-team lists, I have better chances getting the wins solo than I do with 2 friends.

I think the difference is, I'm worse than most of the people I play with here, and you're as good as they are or better.

Also, if I get tossed into a game in progress, if I stay in the party, more than 75% of the time, I'm put into a brand new game the next time around. (Sometimes that doesn't happen - I think it's when everyone else quits out.)

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