Do YOU enjoy playing the Crucible alone? (Destiny)

by Ragashingo ⌂, Official DBO Cryptarch, Tuesday, August 30, 2016, 21:54 (2819 days ago) @ BeardFade

Sidenote: I really don't understand shotguns in the world of Destiny. Who's developing these guns that you hardly use in PvE? It's an area of technology that doesn't seem to have enough use in the universe to warrant the time spent researching and developing better shotguns. The only plausible use of shotguns would be hordes of Thrall attacking you. It's really the only time in the story/universe where a shotgun would be the most useful weapon. Weapons better suited to the task of eradicating the darkness would have been designed and created in this universe. You'd focus on being able to take out targets from easy safe distances. But I'm probably putting more thought into this than people think I should.

Who doesn't use shotguns in PvE? When it comes to doing something challenging or new I always default back to Invective and No Backup Plans. Yes, shotguns got something of a nerf from their historic high of +200% damage, but I think they still do 150% more damage than they did two years ago.

As for in universe... Most of our enemies can appear anywhere either via dropships or transmat or teleporting in from an alternate dimension. Except for maybe the City, there are no safe distances. It sounds like we enjoyed a period of relative safety across the Earth for the past few hundred years but couldn't really appreciate it (outside of The City) since our society had been completely destroyed. But go to the Moon, or Venus, or Mars and you have Hive cutting through physical reality to rain Thrall and Acolytes on your head. Or you have Fallen decloaking directly above you. Or you have Vex dropping in from another when and where. Or you have a Cabal fleet overhead constantly hounding you with dropship after dropship.

Aside from Destiny shotguns being your typical infinite power up close, no damage beyond 5 feet kind of video game weapons, I would think some Guardians (who really can't permanently die during normal combat) would absolutely carry around one of these shotguns. :)

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