Do YOU enjoy playing the Crucible alone? (Destiny)

by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Monday, August 29, 2016, 21:24 (2822 days ago) @ Claude Errera

No, and to be completely honest, I'm enjoying it less and less with friends as time goes on.

I'm sure I sound like a broken record at this point, but for me, Sniper rifles have gone from being an annoyance to borderline ruining the game for me (at times). I'm just sick of being quickscoped by run-and-gun snipers who are able to pull of the most insane insta-headshots, or spending the entire match dealing with campers who are able to hit headshot after headshot despite the fact that I'm hitting them in the face with Mida or Jade Rabbit or whatever. I don't hold it against the players who are able to do this... it requires skill, no doubt about it. It just seems like a skill that trumps all others. As someone who's never enjoyed sniping, it frustrates me to no end that there really is no good reliable way to counter snipers other than out-sniping them. And the more time goes by, the better those uber-snipers continue to get.

lol - and I've been playing with someone this past week who's been saying almost every night that Shotguns should be removed from the game. It's all about what you DON'T have, not what you do. ;)

heh, I'd take your friend to task on that one :)

Shotguns are great. In the right hands, they can be extremely effective. I get killed by them plenty of times. But I don't consider them a problem because
a) if you know they are there, they can be easily avoided (a team with 2 or 3 snipers is impossible to avoid, unless your plan is to hide for the entire match)
b) if you know they are there, they can be easily countered (snipers can so effectively insta-kill even while taking fire that can't be reliably countered by any other weapon)
c) they are deadly within a very specific range. Outside that range, they are utterly useless (snipers can 1-hit-kill from any range, and are insanely effective at close-mid range thanks to low zoom scopes, quick draw, high magnetism, etc)
d) while potentially deadly, using a shotgun fundamentally requires the user to put themselves in extremely risky situations (snipers have the luxury of keeping their distance, but can still be deadly even if you push up and engage from close range. Getting close to a sniper does very little to negate their advantage)

You clearly play a different class of opponent than I do. ;)

Almost every map has multiple routes to a particular point; you can stay out of the long sniper alleys and creep up on hard-scopers, and your shotgun becomes a death machine. The idea that snipers are fantastic at close range is a little absurd; I've NEVER been put in a position where folks are getting consistent snipes from shotgun range.

I have, and it is NOT fun. Ok, "shotgun" range is an exaggeration, but I get 1-shot killed by snipers (who are being hit in the head by me) from within Fusion range on a regular basis. That's the real kicker. If I wander into their line of sight, that's one thing. But when I'm the one who initiates contact, I'm hitting them in the face, and they just whip out a 1KYS and headshot me in an instant, I feel my rage levels rising. If it were once in a blue moon I'd chalk it up to luck, but it happens to me all the damn time. I was playing Trials with Chaos and Munky a few days ago, on Pantheon. Our plan was to hold the middle courtyard area and stay out of the sniper lanes. We went up against a player who was so good, he would just jump into the middle with us and snipe from close range. At one point I saw him jump up onto the middle pillar with his Mida equipped, so I jump up towards him with my fusion rifle equipped. I began charging it in mid air so I could fire before I landed. He turned to face me when I was about 10ft away, whipped out his quick-draw sniper and headshot me out of the air in an instant. Again, if it was a 1 time thing I would have thought "wow what a lucky shot" but he was pulling stuff like that off every single round. While he was certainly one of the better snipers I've come across in recent memory, I run into players (or full teams) close to that level every 2-3 games.

I'm sure it has to do with the fact that I mostly play Trials, and that is the home of the sweaty players these days, but it does expose how overly powerful snipers are at any range.

And as far as flanking goes, it's all but impossible to out-flank snipers (or any players) at that skill level. They know the maps, and can see you on radar the moment you're within 50ft or so. Plus, they're teammates are usually covering their blind spots... WITH SNIPER RIFLES, lol!

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