In-Game Voice Chat (Destiny)

by Blackt1g3r @, Login is from an untrusted domain in MN, Tuesday, August 30, 2016, 16:22 (2819 days ago) @ unoudid

edit: I realize there are some hardcore annoying people out there who should be banned from ever opening their mouths. Let's ignore the obvious here.

Unfortunately there are a lot more than "some". I actually really appreciate that chat is disabled by default. I only ever have to talk to or listen to people I want to hear. In Halo Reach I always kept everyone muted by default once they made that setting available.

That's not to say that chat off by default is necessarily the best option, but I think it made Destiny a lot more fun than if they kept chat on by default.

As an alternative, maybe they could have come up with some kind of system where you can have annoying people automatically muted when reported enough by the community? Leave the ability to un-mute them and come up with some way to get themselves removed from the auto-mute so you can't get permanently muted by bad community members maybe.

Or perhaps add the ability to report people who violate certain chat rules and automatically have clips of their chat sent to Bungie for actual, temporary bans? Boy would that be a wakeup call for some idiots. Of course, it's also probably too much work for Bungie and it would require stating the rules very clearly in advance.

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