Do YOU enjoy playing the Crucible alone? (Destiny)

by Avateur @, Tuesday, August 30, 2016, 23:12 (2819 days ago) @ Claude Errera

lol - and I've been playing with someone this past week who's been saying almost every night that Shotguns should be removed from the game. It's all about what you DON'T have, not what you do. ;)

I don't get this argument at all. Shotguns have received nerfs. Sniper rifles seem to just be stupidly unbalanced. Neither shotguns nor sniper rifles should be removed completely, but something definitely needs to be done in the balancing equation on sniper rifles right now.

Edit: Shotguns probably could use some tweaking as well, though I'm not necessarily clear yet on what I'd want to do with them. I would put sniper rifle balancing at a higher priority at this point, but both definitely need work.

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